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WaPo’s Petula Dvorak Needs Some Specific Pronouns

Along with more adjectives as well. This column is an awful example of bothsiderism (boldface mine): Hey, America, do you like this election? No? But this is what you created. You, America, stopped listening to facts you didn’t agree with, … Continue reading

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Political Pundits And Technology

Sunday’s presidential debate highlighted both the hammer lock our political press corps has on policy, but also something that is slowly, too slowly, weakening it. The bad news is best summarized by Erik Wemple (boldface mine): Via transcript search, that’s … Continue reading

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The Context In Which Political Reporting Occurs

Journalists can talk about editorial-advertising divides all they want, but it’s hard to believe this isn’t a serious consideration in editorial decisions (boldface mine): As local television outlets prepared their business plans about a year ago, they had reason to … Continue reading

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Proud Pundit Ignorance

This, by Robert Waldmann, is yet another reason why we can’t have nice things (boldface mine): …the [Washington press corps] villagers who were wrong (again) remain prominent and expect to be taken seriously. I am not the first (or one … Continue reading

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Revisiting Electability–And Predictability

Before I get to the meat of the post, I’ll offer my usual disclaimer: I’m a life-long Democrat, canvassed/phonebanked in four presidential elections and a couple of down ballot races, and have given money, when I can afford it, to … Continue reading

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No Nation Can Endure Half Fox News And Half Free

To use Comrade driftglass‘ phrase. Pathetic (boldface mine): Instead, as Media Matters for America documented, the network’s hosts offered punditry as a video about Capt. Khan’s death played, and then showed an anti-Clinton attack ad about Benghazi, followed by commercials, … Continue reading

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Gawker And The Civil Suit Death Penalty

Last week, Gawker, after losing a $140 million lawsuit to former professional wrestler Hulk Hogan, decided to file for bankruptcy (though Gawker is considering a countersuit against suit backer Peter Thiel). The problem I’ve had with this case is that … Continue reading

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