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Political Reporting Needs to Describe Their Experts Better: Healthcare Conflicts of Interest Edition

While it has been squashed by the release of presidential candidate Sen. Warren’s healthcare plan, there was a Politico story circulating about the problem healthcare poses to Warren’s campaign. If nothing else, that it became largely irrelevant a week later … Continue reading

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Is Our Democrats Learning? The Working the Refs Edition

While Sanders has always blasted the media–and there are few, if any, better in a potential unfriendly interview than Sanders–Warren has done a really good job in ‘working the refs’–attacking media outlets when they behave badly and putting them on … Continue reading

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One Problem with Right Wing Conspiracism

As movement conservatism continues its long descent into nothing more than a mass communicable psychotic break, it leaves behind lots of wreckage. One problem is that the sheer number of hardcore Trumpists means that de-Trumpification will be extremely difficult, if … Continue reading

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Power, Politics, and Our Political Press Corps

Over the weekend, this tweet came trundling across the Twitter transom: To which some asshole with a blog Twitter feed replied: Alter’s question is really telling about how the political press corps views politics. Many GOP senators like Trump’s policies. … Continue reading

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The NY Times: It Don’t Mean a Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing

I typically avoid reading impressionistic pieces by journalists who visit places to find swing voters (In Diners™), and a recent NY Times article “Elated, Furious, Wary: Impeachment Divides Voters, Like Everything Trump“, would have been no different. Life is too … Continue reading

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Electability and the Candidate That Shall Not Be Named

Before we get into the post, my usual disclaimer that, were I to vote in the Democratic primary today, I would vote for Warren. Onto the post. This week, Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders caused a lot of butthurt … Continue reading

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There Is No Mystery to the NY Times: It’s All About the Money

A while ago, some asshole with a blog noted: A key reason why the NY Times seems so confounding to liberal-ish (and farther to the left as well) observers is that they really have two different target audiences, but only … Continue reading

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