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Will There Ever Be Specifics in Political Journalism or Reverse Cletus Safaris?

One of the undercovered ‘results’ of the 2020 election is the victory celebration phenomenon: in many metro areas, people were ecstatic, as if we had just destroyed the Death Star or won a war. Despite that reaction, there are no … Continue reading

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The Bullshit Inflection Point

Many moons ago, I noted that narcissists create an environment of lies, which ultimately results in some people desperately needing to tell someone, anyone the truth: There’s a reason–when you have a narcissist as a boss, you live in a … Continue reading

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Twitter Is Not a Platform, It Is a Publisher

Ditto Facebook and many other sites. With Twitter’s new policy of putting disclaimers on Donald Trump’s tweets, after he engaged in some vile scandalmongering, it’s now clear and undeniable that Twitter is a publisher, not a mere platform. They are … Continue reading

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On COVID-19, News Organizations Need to Replace Their Political Journalists with Their Science Journalists

The news media must step it up in their coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic. Yes, there are lots of good explainers, but too much of the ‘premier’ coverage is being driven by celebrity political journalists. They are inclined, as is … Continue reading

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Questions D.C. Journalists Should Ask about COVID-19

And I don’t mean Wor-Shing-Tun, I mean D.C. local reporters (though if other local and state level journalists ask these questions, that would help their own communities). On the whole, D.C.’s response to COVID-19 has been reasonably good. The city … Continue reading

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Purchasing Pundits

Because the news filter does matter. Many moons ago, I noted that a certain precious pundit appeared to be cashing in on his punditudeness. Well, seven years later, and we still have this problem (boldface mine): A review of several … Continue reading

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Fear Is Making Democrats Stupid: We Got What We Wished For

With Bloomberg doing well in some polls, it’s very disheartening to see how MSNBC and a couple of other news organizations (along with some online sites down the internet food chain) have made Democrats so reactive and fearful, some are … Continue reading

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The NY Times Endorsement and the Hilariousness of Elite Mediocrities

So the NY Times has finally released its Democratic primary endorsement and…it’s good news for John McCain! Actually, they decided to go halfsies and endorse Klobuchar as a ‘pragmatist’ (KLOBUCHARGE!) and Warren as passionate. I was hoping they would be … Continue reading

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Why Can’t They Write Headlines Like This About Trump?

Before I get to the bad headline, for those who aren’t regular readers, I’m not a Biden fan, and his stand on the Iraq War was wrong. That said, this CNN headline (from this story) is very frustrating: I’m glad … Continue reading

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Another Way to Prevent the Trump Chaff from Clogging Things Up

Last week, I discussed how media organizations shouldn’t waste time on Trump’s toilet tweets–the inanities that a narcissist constantly blurts out. Here’s another good media trick (boldface mine): Do these interviews truly need to be conducted “live” in the case … Continue reading

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