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The Problem With Local Reporting: Who Is She?

It seems D.C. Mayor and Glorified ANC Member Muriel Bowser has got herself in trouble again (boldface mine): The payments from Mayor Muriel Bowser’s campaign to Kimberly Lockett started just before the primary election. On June 11, eight days before … Continue reading

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One More Thing Democrats Should Investigate If They Take Back The House

Martin Longman reminds us that it’s easier to suffer from Trump fatigue, even when faced with over-the-top hypocrisy (boldface mine): Despite promising myself that I’d never accept Donald Trump’s behavior or politics as normal, I have to admit that he’s … Continue reading

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The New York Times Is Not Our Ally

Jay Rosen gets it right (boldface mine): Recently the publisher of the New York Times, Arthur Gregg Sulzberger, said something that I believe touched on this anxiety. We won’t be baited into becoming ‘the opposition.’ And we won’t be applauded … Continue reading

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Time For A Social Media Headline Writers Ethics Panel

Since the headline is probably too meta, it refers to a bloggers ethics panel: For those coming in late, the “blogger ethics panel” joke is about how for years concern troll journalists tried to applied ethical norms and disclosure standards … Continue reading

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The Republican Puke Funnel Is A Little Bent

Not sure it’s broken, but definitely bent. Last week, Ed Whelan, a Republican operative who, despite his involvement in the slimming of John Kerry’s war record, is considered to be a Serious Conservative Thinker, launched a ridiculous notion that Kavanaugh’s … Continue reading

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The Bain Bustout Lives: The Tronc Edition

A few years back, I discussed the Bain Bustout school of capitalism, which is how companies that are in areas that don’t yield massive profits can be made very profitable–for a while (boldface mine): Bain Capital didn’t get lucky once … Continue reading

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The NY Times Reporting Needs To Improve. A Lot.

Here’s what the NY Times had to say about Trump supporters who are doubling down on their support for Il Trumpe because he is being criticized (boldface mine): Gina Anders knows the feeling well by now. President Trump says or … Continue reading

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