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Electability and the Candidate That Shall Not Be Named

Before we get into the post, my usual disclaimer that, were I to vote in the Democratic primary today, I would vote for Warren. Onto the post. This week, Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders caused a lot of butthurt … Continue reading

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There Is No Mystery to the NY Times: It’s All About the Money

A while ago, some asshole with a blog noted: A key reason why the NY Times seems so confounding to liberal-ish (and farther to the left as well) observers is that they really have two different target audiences, but only … Continue reading

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Trump Is Just an Existential Threat

Since the stupidity is so fast and furious in the era of Il Trumpe, it’s difficult to refer to a single stupid miscue by the political press corps to make a point. Regardless, we recently witnessed the spectacle of a … Continue reading

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Economics, News Media, and Propaganda

While many high-end journalists and editors will deny it, there is definitely an ideology present at newspapers like the NY Times and the Washington Post. Economist Dean Baker has the details (boldface mine): I got a taste of this propaganda … Continue reading

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Our Political Press Corps Is Unable to Write Actual Stories

Below, I’ve reproduced Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff’s remarks from the Mueller hearings. When I read them, it’s amazing that our political press corps really hasn’t been able to tell the story like Schiff did. It’s the clearest exposition of what … Continue reading

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We Need Democratic Primary Cletus Safaris

Over the last couple of years, we have been treated to an endless barrage of Cletus safaris. What’s a Cletus safari? It’s one of those innumerable, insufferable, “Let’s go to Rust Bucket, Ohio and interview the old racist white people … Continue reading

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The Thing Too Much Of The Mainstream Media Still Hasn’t Learned

Last night, CNN demonstrated the cheat code Trump et alia use: That’s just not accurate; we don’t know this at all. All we have seen is the Barr summary of the Mueller report–and it’s not like Attorney General Barr, the … Continue reading

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