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We Need Democratic Primary Cletus Safaris

Over the last couple of years, we have been treated to an endless barrage of Cletus safaris. What’s a Cletus safari? It’s one of those innumerable, insufferable, “Let’s go to Rust Bucket, Ohio and interview the old racist white people … Continue reading

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The Thing Too Much Of The Mainstream Media Still Hasn’t Learned

Last night, CNN demonstrated the cheat code Trump et alia use: That’s just not accurate; we don’t know this at all. All we have seen is the Barr summary of the Mueller report–and it’s not like Attorney General Barr, the … Continue reading

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How The Political Press Stokes The Democrats In Disarray Narrative

A favorite political press corps trope is the ‘Democrats are in disarray’ story. Last week, as Republicans successfully added a last minute motion to commit measure that would turnover information about undocumented immigrants from gun checks to ICE. Supposedly ‘centrist’ … Continue reading

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Will 2020 Be A Referendum On Trump?

Or as some asshole with a blog likes to put it, “People have to like this crap.” Steve M. at No More Mister Nice Blog notes that the 2020 election, unlike 2018, might not be all about Trump (boldface mine): … Continue reading

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Scandals And Proportionality

As primary season heats up, we will be subjected to decisions by our media betters about what constitutes a scandal. Much of the logic is based on the notion that a given scandal tells us something about the true nature … Continue reading

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Maybe Democrats Should Curse More Often?

Last week, Media Matters noted that the major networks spent five times the amount of air time on Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib’s calling Trump a motherfucker versus Republican Congressman and elite racist Steve King’s complaining about how white supremacy is viewed … Continue reading

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The Problem With Local Reporting: Who Is She?

It seems D.C. Mayor and Glorified ANC Member Muriel Bowser has got herself in trouble again (boldface mine): The payments from Mayor Muriel Bowser’s campaign to Kimberly Lockett started just before the primary election. On June 11, eight days before … Continue reading

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