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A NY Times Reported Tweeted Something Very Stupid–And This Is A Problem

So NY Times reporter Maggie Haberman saw news stories about Trump’s pardon of criminal human rights violator and former Arizona sheriff Don Arpaio, then some weird biochemistry happened in her brain, and she tweeted this: Whether you’re a Sanders fan, … Continue reading

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What We Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate

While I don’t often post video, this segment by John Oliver about how the right-wing is consolidating local television news and turning into propaganda–that would make Fox News blush–is worth watching: One problem Democrats face is, in many parts of … Continue reading

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Maybe The New York Times Could Send Some Intrepid Reporters To Talk To Its Subscribers

I recently discussed why this long-time deadwood subscriber to the New York Times is scaling back his subscription (which costs the NYT far more than cancelling an online subscription does). Two more points to be made, the first of which … Continue reading

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The Ethics Of A New York Times Subscription

Bret Stephens’ next column on the overstated dangers of smoking With the first column by Bret Stephens, the shiny new conservative op-ed hire at the New York Times, being nothing more than a high-end global warming Gish Gallop, there has … Continue reading

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Trump Is A Typical Fox News Watching Elderly Man

Which means that he’s a hysterical ninny (he’s also a narcissist, which only makes things even worse). Alex Pareene nails it (boldface mine): If you want to understand intra-GOP warfare, the decision-making process of our president, the implosion of the … Continue reading

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How The Times Failed You

Ordinarily, I would just put this in the link roundup, but some snark is too good not to share widely. To wit: The Times’ liberal columnists were particularly prone to fretting about Sanders. Nicholas Kristof would point to a Gallup … Continue reading

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Politics By Twitter

I think Charles Gaba is right: At some point, news media might actually have to report accurately–and that includes headlines.

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