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The Bain Bustout Lives: The Tronc Edition

A few years back, I discussed the Bain Bustout school of capitalism, which is how companies that are in areas that don’t yield massive profits can be made very profitable–for a while (boldface mine): Bain Capital didn’t get lucky once … Continue reading

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The NY Times Reporting Needs To Improve. A Lot.

Here’s what the NY Times had to say about Trump supporters who are doubling down on their support for Il Trumpe because he is being criticized (boldface mine): Gina Anders knows the feeling well by now. President Trump says or … Continue reading

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Compromised By Their Sources

If you view access reporters, such as the White House press corps, as intelligence officers trying to convince their sources to divulge what they know–which is often not in said sources’ best interests–then the White House press corps’ response makes … Continue reading

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Dear Political Press Corps, Stop Abstracting Conservatives

Martin Longman makes a very good point about the Laura Ingraham boycotts (boldface mine): Imagine for a moment that you are Brian Stelter. Your job is to talk about how the media are performing and your platform is CNN. Do … Continue reading

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Why I Will Be Cancelling My Atlantic Subscription

If you haven’t heard, The Atlantic recently added NRO’s Kevin Williamson to their staff. Here’s a taste of Williamson: Describing a 2014 visit to the impoverished city of East St. Louis, Illinois, Williamson compared a black child to a “primate” … Continue reading

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Cuddly Nazis Aren’t So Cuddly After All

Just a quick reminder that when the NY Times was giving Nazis–actual fucking Nazis–the opportunity to rehabilitate themselves, Nazis were always shitty, vile people. Because Nazis. That one of the poster boys was arrested for attacking his group’s co-founder after … Continue reading

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Will News Organizations Ever Learn That Il Trumpe’s Words Have No Meaning?

Issac Chotnier makes a good observation about Il Trumpe’s ‘shift’ on gun control (boldface mine): Just to recap: On Wednesday, Trump, via a word salad, endorses gun control, and does so while making clear—as in this priceless exchange with Sen. … Continue reading

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