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The NY Times Endorsement and the Hilariousness of Elite Mediocrities

So the NY Times has finally released its Democratic primary endorsement and…it’s good news for John McCain! Actually, they decided to go halfsies and endorse Klobuchar as a ‘pragmatist’ (KLOBUCHARGE!) and Warren as passionate. I was hoping they would be … Continue reading

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Why Can’t They Write Headlines Like This About Trump?

Before I get to the bad headline, for those who aren’t regular readers, I’m not a Biden fan, and his stand on the Iraq War was wrong. That said, this CNN headline (from this story) is very frustrating: I’m glad … Continue reading

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Another Way to Prevent the Trump Chaff from Clogging Things Up

Last week, I discussed how media organizations shouldn’t waste time on Trump’s toilet tweets–the inanities that a narcissist constantly blurts out. Here’s another good media trick (boldface mine): Do these interviews truly need to be conducted “live” in the case … Continue reading

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One Way to Prevent Some of the Trump Chaff from Clogging Things Up

In a column in which Catherine Rampell offers four resolutions for the political press corps, this suggestion is pretty novel for the genre (boldface mine): Related: Don’t spend more time analyzing an idea that the president proposes than he spent … Continue reading

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Political Reporting Needs to Describe Their Experts Better: Healthcare Conflicts of Interest Edition

While it has been squashed by the release of presidential candidate Sen. Warren’s healthcare plan, there was a Politico story circulating about the problem healthcare poses to Warren’s campaign. If nothing else, that it became largely irrelevant a week later … Continue reading

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Is Our Democrats Learning? The Working the Refs Edition

While Sanders has always blasted the media–and there are few, if any, better in a potential unfriendly interview than Sanders–Warren has done a really good job in ‘working the refs’–attacking media outlets when they behave badly and putting them on … Continue reading

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One Problem with Right Wing Conspiracism

As movement conservatism continues its long descent into nothing more than a mass communicable psychotic break, it leaves behind lots of wreckage. One problem is that the sheer number of hardcore Trumpists means that de-Trumpification will be extremely difficult, if … Continue reading

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