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One More Thing Democrats Should Investigate If They Take Back The House

Martin Longman reminds us that it’s easier to suffer from Trump fatigue, even when faced with over-the-top hypocrisy (boldface mine): Despite promising myself that I’d never accept Donald Trump’s behavior or politics as normal, I have to admit that he’s … Continue reading

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The New York Times Is Not Our Ally

Jay Rosen gets it right (boldface mine): Recently the publisher of the New York Times, Arthur Gregg Sulzberger, said something that I believe touched on this anxiety. We won’t be baited into becoming ‘the opposition.’ And we won’t be applauded … Continue reading

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Time For A Social Media Headline Writers Ethics Panel

Since the headline is probably too meta, it refers to a bloggers ethics panel: For those coming in late, the “blogger ethics panel” joke is about how for years concern troll journalists tried to applied ethical norms and disclosure standards … Continue reading

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The Republican Puke Funnel Is A Little Bent

Not sure it’s broken, but definitely bent. Last week, Ed Whelan, a Republican operative who, despite his involvement in the slimming of John Kerry’s war record, is considered to be a Serious Conservative Thinker, launched a ridiculous notion that Kavanaugh’s … Continue reading

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The Bain Bustout Lives: The Tronc Edition

A few years back, I discussed the Bain Bustout school of capitalism, which is how companies that are in areas that don’t yield massive profits can be made very profitable–for a while (boldface mine): Bain Capital didn’t get lucky once … Continue reading

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The NY Times Reporting Needs To Improve. A Lot.

Here’s what the NY Times had to say about Trump supporters who are doubling down on their support for Il Trumpe because he is being criticized (boldface mine): Gina Anders knows the feeling well by now. President Trump says or … Continue reading

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Compromised By Their Sources

If you view access reporters, such as the White House press corps, as intelligence officers trying to convince their sources to divulge what they know–which is often not in said sources’ best interests–then the White House press corps’ response makes … Continue reading

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