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D.C., Murder, and Lead

While I’m wary of monocausal explanations, one case where I’ll make an exception has to do with lead poisoning and crime. As Kevin Drum has pointed out (for a very long time), there is compelling evidence that the surge in … Continue reading

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The Ferguson Effect Something Something

Remember the conservative caterwauling about the supposed Ferguson Effect, in which police officers would be too afraid to arrest people, leading rampaging hordes? Or something. Well, in New York City, not so much (boldface mine): It would have seemed unbelievable … Continue reading

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Trust And Crime

Given that Fox News blares out constant fear-based programming, this seems troubling (boldface mine): My research has found that declining trust in our institutions, our social structures and one another leads to more lethal violence, including mass murder. As abstract … Continue reading

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Crime, Policing, And Density

Noah Smith has four suggestions for reducing crime: Lead abatement. Drug decriminalization. Prison education. Community policing. I agree with all four suggestions, but I want to focus on community policing, especially this part: One very simple thing cops can do … Continue reading

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Doesn’t Seem Like There Was A Ferguson Effect

Probably should have lead with “Still doesn’t…” While we’ve dealt with the supposed Ferguson Effect (which appears to be a Chicago and three months in D.C. effect as much as anything else) before, there’s now a study which looked at … Continue reading

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Ferguson Effect Fables

I’ll try to deal with this in more depth later this week, but we observe, by way of Kevin Drum, that Heather MacDonald is, once again, attempting to claim there’s a ‘Ferguson Effect’: crime rates are increasing because police are … Continue reading

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