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Donald Trump Is A Pig

What I don’t get about Il Trumpe isn’t that he, to put it kindly, is retrograde: he is the Republican nominee after all. It’s that he’s such a flaming asshole (boldface mine): Machado was crowned Miss Venezuela and Miss Universe … Continue reading

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Of Course The Clinton Camp Is Sending Out Feelers to Kissinger–They’re Friends

Charles Pierce, on hearing that the Clinton campaign is trying to get an endorsement from none other than Henry Fucking Kissinger (boldface mine): If Hillary Clinton actively seeks, or publicly accepts, the endorsement of Henry Kissinger, I will vote for … Continue reading

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The Swing Voter That We Need To Get

One of the things that canvassing for political candidates (including some guy named Bill–twice) has taught me is that swing voters usually are usually leaners: they typically are very unlikely or simply will not vote for one candidate, but they … Continue reading

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A Higher Minimum Wage Saves Lives

By way of the Pump Handle, we come across two studies about public health and the minimum wage. Guess what? Not being poor is good for people (boldface mine): Published this month in the American Journal of Public Health, a … Continue reading

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Employers Butthurt By Having To Pay Hard Workers A Middle Class Wage

Of course, they wouldn’t put it that way (boldface mine): For decades, bosses at publishing houses, glossy magazines, consulting firms, advocacy groups, movie production companies and talent agencies have groomed their assistants to be the next generation of big shots … Continue reading

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Republicans Are Making No Sense About Zika

Before I get to the politics part, my take on Zika, which I’ve stated from when this first became a global concern, is that an outbreak is largely a political and social concern. In terms of loss of life (i.e., … Continue reading

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What Democrats Must Learn From Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Never trust a bagman–or a New Democrat. And as we’ll see, it’s often really hard to tell the difference. Chicago mayor, former Clinton and Obama apparatchik, and New Democrat has always had a strained relationship with Chicago’s public schools. When … Continue reading

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