We’re Suffering from “Pandemic Fatigue” Too, Assholes

Very uncivil, I know…

In many stories, columns, or blog posts, we often encounter the phrase “pandemic fatigue.” Pandemic fatigue is meant to describe how people no longer want to wear masks or do other things to protect people.

Of course, those of us calling for reasonable protections also are suffering from pandemic fatigue.

Does anyone think we enjoy this shit? If we stopped embracing a de facto “Let ‘er Rip” strategy, we could get to a prevalence level where we wouldn’t have to worry nearly as much. Instead, we have to watch a bunch of people screw it up for the rest of us. It gets very tiring–fatiguing, if you will.

Meanwhile, there’s an anger gap: all of the anger and the rage is on one side of the debate. So miss me with the pandemic fatigue. We’re all tired of this shit. The question is what are people, including those commonly described as the fatigued, willing to do to stop it?

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  1. David B says:

    “Does anyone think we enjoy this shit?” — yes, the right-wing extremists think that people trying to combat the pandemic are doing that as a dry run, to take away their freedoms and herd them into FEMA camps, or something crazy. Their paranoia feeds into their resistance to constructive anti-infective measures.

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