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Some Sunday Links

Happy October! Here are some links for you. Science-related stuff firstest:
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Greenwald Asks and the Mad Biologist Answers

Regarding political journalists, Glenn Greenwald asks why one would “want to become a political journalist and then spend most of their time engaged in this sort of petty, substance-free chatter about which campaign has inched ahead and which one has fallen behind every day.” I have an answer.
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Republican Outreach to Jews Is Working Almost as Well as the Outreach to African Americans

When public figures badmouth Jews, um, we don’t like that.
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Saturday Sermon: Maha on Non-Violence

Why are the failures of non-violent resistance always remembered, but the many failures of violent failure forgotten?
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NASA Scientists Are Terrorist Sexbots

Because if NASA scientists do science, the terrorists win. Or something. The Republican Nanny State runs amok.
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Myanmar: This Is What Courage Really Looks Like

It’s not like the movies.
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Intelligent Design Creationists: Still Liars

And, thankfully, the NY Times’ Cornelia Dean calls the intelligent design creationists out on it
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Good Schools and ‘Bad’ Students

While resources are necessary for remedial education, they are not sufficient.
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Professional Wingnuts: IDiots and Gay-Haters

There’s a lot of bucks to be made if you’re a professional wingnut.
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More on Kuhnian Revolutions: the SteveG Edition

Hey, he’s the one who brought up Imre Lakatos.
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