Some Sunday Links

Happy October! Here are some links for you. Science-related stuff firstest:

  1. I talk about Kuhnian revolutions in science. SteveG responds. Then, my turn again.
  2. Revere lays out how ‘biodefense’ leaves less safe–again.
  3. Brain sucking amobae attack. ‘Nuff said.
  4. Neanderthals cleaned their teeth. Now go brush yours…
  5. In case you’re wondering, creationists are still liars.
  6. Basking sharks–any thirty foot long creature that eats by ‘ram feeding’ is worth reading about (and, no, they don’t eat rams–too much gristle).
  7. Here’s why municipal Wi-Fi sucks right now.
  8. Here’s a cool post about some of the cars of the (near) future.

Other stuff:

  1. Freedom is on the march in Myanmarwithout guns.
  2. Speaking of non-violent conflict resolution, could a negotiated political settlement in Iraq be in the works?
  3. We’ll need a settlement in Iraq, since an assault against Iran seems more and more likely.
  4. NBC anchorwoman Katie Couric admits that she has felt “corporate pressure” to ease off the Bush administration. Because if we hurt NBC’s bottom line, the terrorists win. Or something.
  5. Rick Perlstein discusses the bed-wetting wing of the Republican party.
  6. Dan Carnidale at A Fool’s Experiment sees some similarities between Iraq and Vietnam.
  7. hilzoy talks about honor killings.
  8. Loose nukes ain’t cool.
  9. Jurassic Pork thinks bloggers should run for elected office. Is the disease worse than the cure?
  10. maha takes apart conservative columnist Michael Medved’s column that excuses slavery.
  11. The life and times of one of Limbaugh’s “phony soldiers.”
  12. Katha Pollitt gives one good example of how poverty is bad for your health–and our healthcare.
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    My Favorit is this one: “Kuhnian revolutions in science”

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