Links 3/18/11

Woozy is the city of Boston recovering from St. Patrick’s Day. Links for you. Science:
Smaller, cheaper, faster: Does Moore’s law apply to solar cells?
Why are there no (or almost no) disease-causing Archaea?
For Whom the Cell Mutates: The Origins of Genetic Quirks
Hog Farmers Overuse Antibiotics, Government Data Show
Gobsmacked by germ theory denialism. Again.
Send in the clowns (gotta love homeopaths)
GOP not doing a good job of hiding agenda on Head Start program
Death of the Anti-Gonzo
The F-35: A Weapon That Costs More Than Australia
NFL lockout: Owners get the keys to stadiums, fans get the bills
Department of “Huh?!’
Preventing Childhood Obesity Is Not Fat-Shaming
A Letter to Scott Walker From a Wisconsin Teacher

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  1. Stacey C. says:

    I love this blog and I agree with most everything you post…but the campaign to ‘prevent’ childhood obesity IS fat shaming. There’s no two ways about it. 98% of all diets fail because humans come in a range of sizes. The only way to make it NOT fat shaming is to call for a healthy living campaign that embraces Health at Every Size.

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