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Maybe This Explains Part of the Reproducibility Problem?

There are a lot of reasons why reproducibility–the ability to replicate results*–is a problem. Some of it has to do with the Decline Effect (and inadequate funding that causes the Decline Effect). There are also basic power of test issues–not … Continue reading

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Why Are We Surprised By Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘Sciencey-ness’? That’s What Big Tobacco Apologists Do

Whenever I link to a post about Malcolm Gladwell, I often remark that he “is a horrible person.” But there’s a reason why–we’ll get to that in a bit. With Gladwell releasing a new book (it really is a product), … Continue reading

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Sure, The Smithsonian Might Be Shutdown, But That’s No Reason You Can’t See the Genomics Exhibit

So what if you can’t get into the Smithsonian? Cuz I take pictures so you don’t have to. The Natural History Museum has a temporary exhibit, “Genome: Unlocking Life’s Code” that’s pretty good. If you’re in the genomics biz, it … Continue reading

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Myriad and Second Opinions

I’ve discussed before how awful it is that Myriad Genetics has patented the ability to use the BRCA genes to test for high risk of breast cancer. That said, Rose-Ellen Lessy raises a good point I haven’t seen discussed much … Continue reading

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Sequestration, Meals on Wheels, and Cancer Drugs: This One Is All on Obama

(from here) There has been a backlash by the kinda, not-really lefitsh punditariat about how little Obama can accomplish. Critics of the critics call it the Green Lantern theory of presidential power: the idea that, if Obama only wished harder, … Continue reading

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Komen’s Karen Handel Is No Friend of the Sick or Healthy, Especially If They Want to Vote While Not-White

By now, you might have heard about the Susan J. Komen Foundation’s decision to cease funding Planned Parenthood because while Planned Parenthood spends much more contact time in cancer screening, they do perform safe and legal abortions. This appears to … Continue reading

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Is Science a Job or a Calling?

Do you view science as a job, one you like and are proud to do, or as an all-consuming calling?
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NIH to Get 4.2% Proposed Budget Increase

I’m feeling hopey and changey!
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When Woo-ism Meets Cancer Prevention

“A spiritual element” isn’t going to halve the probability of breast cancer.
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Funny, I Thought Publication Practices Were Why We Haven’t Defeated Cancer

Who coulda thunk it?
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