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No, Maha, It Isn’t Weird at All

The Uruk-hai Republican base is used to being told what to think.
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Sunday Sermon: Obama Needs to Make Some Chanage, Not Just Talk About It

If Obama and his advisors think FISA is a tough vote, then he’ll fold when the shit really hits the fan.
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Drug Treatment: Iran Gets It, and the U.S. Doesn’t

More evidence that the U.S. is suffering from a severe epidemic of dumbitude.
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Two Must-Read Posts by Driftglass

Some good posts that I nearly missed and you shouldn’t.
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As If an Outbreak of Teen Pregnancy Wasn’t Bad Enough, Now We Have a Ninja Threat?

We, as a society, have gone insane.
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Dowd, Creationism, PhysioProf, and Why We Need to Keep the Pressure On

Of course, Dowd hasn’t changed what she fundamentally believes; those with massive personality disorders rarely do. But she can change what she writes, even if it’s for the ‘wrong’ reasons.
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A Cancer-Causing Virus…Protects Against Cancer?

That’s right: a virus that occasionally results in leukemia protects you from gastric cancer.
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