Sunday Sermon: Obama Needs to Make Some Chanage, Not Just Talk About It

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I think I have to disagree with Digby here when she assures me that Obama is lots better than McCain. I mean, yes, I think Obama is lots better than McCain, if only because it’s hard to imagine he’d be worse, but: I’m tired of having to make that assumption. I’m tired of just hearing it from his supporters or other Dems who want me to vote for him. Most of all, I’m tired of having to keep saying it to my readers when he keeps doing things that tell me I can’t rely on his judgment. He had to be told that voting for Roberts was a bad idea? He actually says out loud that we need this new FISA bill for the sake of our national security? Are you really better than McCain, Barack? Then show me. Do the right thing. Quit sounding like just another fear-mongering, liberal-hating Republican and do the business. No one’s going to vote against you for blocking the FISA bill.

That’s absolutely correct: if Obama and his advisors think FISA is a tough vote, then he’ll fold when the shit really hits the fan. Instead of talking about ‘change’, how about doing something specific, like defending the Fourth Amendment. I realize this isn’t very ‘changey’, but sometimes that old stuff still works.

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8 Responses to Sunday Sermon: Obama Needs to Make Some Chanage, Not Just Talk About It

  1. Joshua says:

    I have to say that the FISA thing is the biggest disappointment Obama’s given me so far. It would have been one thing had he said that he was making a compromise and saving up political capital. I’d still find that a bit craven, but at least it would make sense. But from his statements, he seems to actually support the FISA bill. And it doesn’t seem like he even has a problem with telecom immunity.
    I find that incredibly disheartening, to say the least. I thought the whole point of Obama’s small-donor fundraising was that he wouldn’t have to bow to the demands of America’s corporate overlords. Apparently, that’s not working out so well.

  2. Jim RL says:

    I’m really pissed about the FISA capitulation as well. It was a moment where the blinders came off for a lot of people. Still, it’s ridiculous to claim he’s not much better than McCain. McCain didn’t think twice about telco amnesty or the FISA bill. McCain is committed to appointing anti-choice judges to the Supreme Court and continuing the global gag rule that stops foreign aid from going to any clinics that even advise on abortions. Obama is much better on global warming, with an actual plan to reduce GHG emissions by 80% by 2050. Obama stood up to that ridiculous gas tax holiday idea. He also doesn’t support an endless war in Iraq, and was against the war from the beginning. McCain has also been seen banging the war drum on Iran pretty loudly.
    My point is, get pissed at Obama, but don’t fall for the same “there’s no difference” BS that got us Bush over Nobel Laureate Al Gore.

  3. Obama’s position on FISA probably has more to do with the fact that he appears very likely at this point to inherit the powers therein. Anyone who seriously expects him to vigorously renounce the legislation is just making unrealistic assumptions about the man and his intentions.

  4. eliana says:

    Barack Obama has been inching towards the sweet political center. First, he irritated Glenn Greenwaldwith his support of the FISA bill. Then, he ruffled feathers when he agreed with the Supreme Court’s verdict on gun control, and disagreed with its decision on the death penalty for people who rape children. (They were against it). Even Obama’s beloved blog support is questioning his ethics. Well, well, well. Looks like it’s time for a Come-to-Jesus meeting. Please, sit down. Badass Barack Obama is waiting to chat with you:

  5. Reasonable Kansan says:

    Obama is telling crowds what they want to hear.
    Noting will change. The corpos will continue to rule.
    Who ya kiddin?

  6. Sweet political center? I am sick of hearing about this FISA Amendments Act capitulation described as a move to the center.
    Is the Bill of Rights now considered part of a fringe agenda?
    The Constitution is the center. Sacrificing the Constitution and the freedoms it guarantees us is not centrist. It’s genuine radicalism.
    If Barack Obama wanted the center, he would have defended the Constitution. Instead, what Obama appears to be doing is pandering to the authoritarian radicals of America’s right wing.

  7. And now he’s just thrown Gen. Wesley Clark under the bus (joining his minister and his grandmother) for the inexcusable gaffe of pointing out that being shot down does not qualify someone to be president.

  8. seks shop says:

    Sweet political center? I am sick of hearing about this FISA Amendments Act capitulation described as a move to the center

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