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The Republican War On Standards

And I’m not referring to the usual pundit complaint about how mean and uncivil everyone is supposedly being. I mean the National Institute of Standards and Technology (‘NIST’). While it’s fun to joke about NIST being the keepers of official … Continue reading

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Thoughts On “The Nonpartisan Nerd Parade”

To use Buzzfeed’s phrase. Hughes (boldface mine): The programming could be called a lot of things. Inspiring, maybe. Nerdy. Wholesome. Boring. But it was not in any way controversial. And in that way it felt like a missed opportunity, bizarrely … Continue reading

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When Global Warming Intrudes Into Mundane Decisions

In D.C., RFK stadium, which is getting on in years and come 2019 won’t have any sportsball teams using it, occupies a large swath of the city. This, of course, in a city with high housing prices, leads to discussions … Continue reading

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And The Chilling Of Climate Science Begins

Fortunately, climate change is a Chinese conspiracy–that’s what Il Trumpe tells me anyway (boldface mine): The mood was understandably gloomy at the National Conference and Global Forum on Science, Policy, and the Environment. “I don’t know what’s going to happen. … Continue reading

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Rich People Can Be Very Stupid: The Palm Beach Edition

And the sooner the rest of us figure this out, the better off we’ll all be. From a Boston Globe article describing Palm Beach’s (Florida) efforts to deal with rising sea levels (boldface mine): Of course, not everyone is convinced. … Continue reading

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Trump Is Not An Outlier: The Global Warming Edition

While the Clinton campaign has decided to attempt to split Trump off from the Republican Party–with poor results–anyone who has followed Republicans knows this is utterly ridiculous. Consider this about Il Trumpe’s claim that global warming is a hoax (boldface … Continue reading

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Winter Olympics 2078: Nuuk?

Future generations will most likely despise us for our unwillingness to do much about climate change (boldface mine): But preliminary results of an ongoing study published Friday in the journal Lancet warn that infrastructure and security issues could be dwarfed … Continue reading

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