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Amidst Of All Il Trumpe’s Insanity, Keep An Eye On EPA’s Pruitt

Because EPA chief Scott Pruitt is likely to do something like this (boldface mine): John F. Kelly, the White House chief of staff, has killed an effort by the head of the Environmental Protection Agency to stage public debates challenging … Continue reading

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The War On Science (and -ists): The Department Of Interior Edition

Because you can’t have Science without scientists. Or, if you prefer, why civil service protections matter (boldface mine): I am not a member of the deep state. I am not big government. I am a scientist, a policy expert, a … Continue reading

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The Republican War On Standards

And I’m not referring to the usual pundit complaint about how mean and uncivil everyone is supposedly being. I mean the National Institute of Standards and Technology (‘NIST’). While it’s fun to joke about NIST being the keepers of official … Continue reading

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Thoughts On “The Nonpartisan Nerd Parade”

To use Buzzfeed’s phrase. Hughes (boldface mine): The programming could be called a lot of things. Inspiring, maybe. Nerdy. Wholesome. Boring. But it was not in any way controversial. And in that way it felt like a missed opportunity, bizarrely … Continue reading

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When Global Warming Intrudes Into Mundane Decisions

In D.C., RFK stadium, which is getting on in years and come 2019 won’t have any sportsball teams using it, occupies a large swath of the city. This, of course, in a city with high housing prices, leads to discussions … Continue reading

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And The Chilling Of Climate Science Begins

Fortunately, climate change is a Chinese conspiracy–that’s what Il Trumpe tells me anyway (boldface mine): The mood was understandably gloomy at the National Conference and Global Forum on Science, Policy, and the Environment. “I don’t know what’s going to happen. … Continue reading

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Rich People Can Be Very Stupid: The Palm Beach Edition

And the sooner the rest of us figure this out, the better off we’ll all be. From a Boston Globe article describing Palm Beach’s (Florida) efforts to deal with rising sea levels (boldface mine): Of course, not everyone is convinced. … Continue reading

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