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Trump Is Not An Outlier: The Global Warming Edition

While the Clinton campaign has decided to attempt to split Trump off from the Republican Party–with poor results–anyone who has followed Republicans knows this is utterly ridiculous. Consider this about Il Trumpe’s claim that global warming is a hoax (boldface … Continue reading

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Winter Olympics 2078: Nuuk?

Future generations will most likely despise us for our unwillingness to do much about climate change (boldface mine): But preliminary results of an ongoing study published Friday in the journal Lancet warn that infrastructure and security issues could be dwarfed … Continue reading

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What’s More Fun Than Global Warming? Global Warming And Diarrhea!

There’s probably some vomiting involved as well (boldface mine): Background. Positive associations have been noted between temperature and diarrhea incidence, but considerable uncertainty surrounds quantitative estimates of this relationship because of pathogen-specific factors and a scarcity of data on the influence … Continue reading

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Failure Is An Option: Antibiotic Resistance and Global Warming

A while ago, I argued that many of our supposedly ‘scientific’ or technological problems aren’t anything of the sort: instead, they are largely political failures. Consider the problem of antibiotic resistance: There are a lot of things we could currently … Continue reading

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The Soon Scandal Is Very Spiro Agnew

And for those of you who don’t know who Spiro Agnew was, this is what I’m referring to. Recently, I asked this about the scandal enveloping climate change denier Dr. Willie Soon and the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophyics: …what the … Continue reading

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Is Soon a Shill Or a Useful Idiot?

Admittedly, this is from someone who lies about climate change for a living, but, as I remarked yesterday, Dr. Willie Soon doesn’t seem to be getting rich from being a professional global warming denialist (boldface mine): But the maverick researcher … Continue reading

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Well, Nothing to Worry About Then

Apparently, the global warming crisis has a simple solution (boldface mine): The fact that half of Americans cite the end times as a cause of recent severe weather events suggests a kind of fatalism that would certainly lead to less … Continue reading

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