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The Green New Deal Is Not the Radical Position, It Is the Compromise Position

With several Democratic presidential candidates, along with numerous other Democratic politicians, calling for a Green New Deal, it goes without saying that the Green New Deal has been called radical. But the Green New Deal isn’t radical, it’s the compromise … Continue reading

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Why I’m Not Optimistic About Global Warming

Ultimately, if we want to seriously combat global warming–not just slow it slightly, but seriously get at the problem–then we need to alter how we live in very fundamental ways, as this piece about Boulder, Colorado illustrates (boldface mine): Low-density … Continue reading

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There Is No Zipless F-ck for the Environment

I’ve noted before that too many people believe there will be a zipless fuck solution for global warming: some sort of technology or relatively painless intervention will be sufficient. It won’t be (boldface mine): …I think Zaki misses the real … Continue reading

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When ‘Moderate’ Democrats Aren’t

Part of the lefty side of the discourse, such as it is, is too quick to lob the epithet neo-liberal at people who genuinely don’t agree with or think it’s practical to enact left-wing policies. I think they’re wrong, but … Continue reading

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Mass Transit Is Not Pity Charity

It’s the only way cities can work. Last week, Montgomery County officials (Maryland) spent a week using mass transit instead of driving. That’s a good start, but, if they were to use for months, they would probably get a better … Continue reading

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Cars and Suburbia: Why I Am Pessimistic About a Green New Deal

Let me preface this with noting that, as an organizing principle, the Green New Deal (GND) is pretty good. But I’ve had doubts about the GND doing much to significantly curb U.S. CO2 emissions, and this excellent column by Gordon … Continue reading

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The Light Bulb Defenders Ride Again!

Many moons ago, during the era of Republican Representative and bugshitcrazytarian Michele Bachmann, conservatives believed that the Obama administration’s effort to increase energy efficiency of light bulbs was an assault on our Basic Freedoms. Faced with the threat of light … Continue reading

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The Hard Part Of The Green New Deal Isn’t Paying For It

That’s the easy part. Much of the criticism of the Green New Deal (GND) has involved bleating about how will pay for it, often using ridiculous estimates. Well, we’ll pay for it the same way we pay for all of … Continue reading

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Why I Am Pessimistic About Global Warming Progress

Maybe it’s the jumping forward due to Daylight Saving Time still kicking in, but the problem in combating global warming is that the ‘zipless fuck’ solutions aren’t enough. Weatherizing your house and driving an electric vehicle aren’t enough. We’ll outsource … Continue reading

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Feinstein’s Green New Deal Alternative Is Par For The Course

Which is to say that it’s insufficient. Before we get to her proposal, Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein caught a lot of deserved flack over the weekend for her response to child protestors linked to the Sunrise Movement (boldface mine): But … Continue reading

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