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One More Reason Why Conservapedia Is Really Silly

Is Conservapedia trying to destroy what culture the U.S. does possess?
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The Best Halloween Display EVAH!

Well, I don’t know if it’s the best, but it’s pretty damn cool.
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FOX TV Misinformation About MRSA

FOX TV: doing its part to make the MRSA problem even worse.
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Poll Shows That 24 Percent of Americans Are F-cking Morons

Either one shouldn’t take polls or 24 percent of the American public seriously.
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Paul Krugman Slams Obama About Social Security…

…so I don’t have to.
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The Republican War on Modeling

The Bush White House correctly recognizes that if you admit that some modeling is reliable and useful, then you start down a slippery slope of other models, and the next thing you know, you have an IPCC report or something.
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Some Sunday Links

Here are some weekend links for you.
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Not Every Place Is for Sale

The MBTA has decided that government-sponsored noise pollution is a bad idea.
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Being Imprecise About the Details of Catastrophe…

…doesn’t invalidate the person making the prediction.
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It’s Not Called Management, It’s Called Lying

Welcome to the world of Potemkin press conferences: FEMA held a press conference…with itself.
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