Some Sunday Links

Here are some weekend links for you. Science first:

  1. Nose picking and staph infections. Really.
  2. Antibiotic resistance is a breakdown of infection control.
  3. Neanderthals had red hair? Not what you might expect…
  4. Bora discusses what I’ve always suspected: daylight saving time screws up a lot of people’s circadian rythyms.
  5. Here’s an excellent op-ed debunking the new field of demonstrating how different men and women are at….everything.
  6. The U.S. will soon face a water shortage crisis.
  7. olvlzl takes some scientists to task over defending James Watson’s long history of bigotry.
  8. Mark H has three excellent posts on triggerfish, the effects of the Santa Ana winds on marine life, and how seagulls break clams.

Other stuff:

  1. In a must-read post, driftglass lowers the hammer: because we now have the metrics to put under Lincoln’s famous adage, we can say it exactly: “You can fool 27% of the people all of the time.”
  2. ‘Choice-based’ healthcare: a great way to kill people.
  3. When soldiers in Iraq are saying to reporters, “I don’t think this place is worth another soldier’s life“, maybe the U.S. military has more important things to worry about than Glenn Greenwald’s posts.
  4. ScienceBlogling Jason takes on the Cato Institute over their insistence that every economic problem can be solved with tax cuts.
  5. Vote Republican or your dick will fall off?
  6. Consorting with anti-U.S., anti-Semitic bigots: it’s OK if you are a Republican.
  7. Dave Neiwert reports on the use of anti-immigrant rhetoric to create the new Sundown Towns.
  8. Why Don Surber is an idiot when it comes to bias crimes legislation.
  9. Why are publicly available Supreme Court decisions being redacted by government security freaks?
  10. Donald Rumsfeld: America’s newest war criminal.
  11. One more reason why Fred Hiatt is a moron: he thinks the telecoms shouldn’t be prosecuted for illegally spying on Americans because if might hurt their profit margins.

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