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If Scientists Don’t Value Our Labor, Who Will? The San Diego Postdoc Edition

I think there’s something in the water in the San Diego area because researchers there are offering volunteer post-docs: that’s right–you get to be a post-doc for free. Recently, an ad was posted for a volunteer post-doc “in the La … Continue reading

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E.O. Wilson Gives Some Really Bad Career Advice

So the Twitter is all a twitter over evolutionary biologist E.O. Wilson’s latest op-ed in which he offers this dreadful advice (boldface mine): Over the years, I have co-written many papers with mathematicians and statisticians, so I can offer the … Continue reading

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Regarding the Ph.D. Glut, Nature’s Heart Is in the Right Place, But They’re Not Following the Money

Nature doesn’t get it: neither research universities nor funders see the glut as a problem-they’re too dependent on the status quo.
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I’ll Try One More Time About Biomed Training: It’s About Job Skills, Not ‘Critical Thinking’

As they used to say, learn how to type.
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Why Biologists’ Career Problems Are Unique: Life Outside of Academia

Yes, funding is limited across the STEM fields in academia–and that makes everyone miserable. But I still contend that biomedical scientists are trapped within academia far more than other STEM disciplines.
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Why Biomedical Scientists Suffer More Than Others in STEM Fields

A lack of options makes biomedical scientists (relatively) miserable.
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A Sustainable Research Model

A research center is not a faculty department that doesn’t teach.
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