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Is Science a Job or a Calling?

Do you view science as a job, one you like and are proud to do, or as an all-consuming calling?
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The Scientist Shortage: It’s a Demand-Side, Not Supply-Side Problem

The structural incentives that screw over Ph.Ds.
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Data Production and Release: We Need to Change Incentives

Data generators should be included as co-authors, at least within a certain time period after data release.
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Yes, We Have a PhD Glut…

…if you’re not a tenure-track PhD (and that will be most of you. Sorry). And why the center model is a good one.
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Do We Need More Scientists, or More Jobs for Scientists?

I’ve been told by Very Senior People that ‘in five years, there’s going to be a massive wave a retirement of older faculty.’ This, in my mind, ranks up there with the Friedman Unit and the Samuelson Unit (the length of time to the ULTIMATE DOOOMMM!!! of Social Security is always 30-38 years from the time of prediction). Until we create more science-related opportunities, in the private, public, and non-profit sectors, we are just creating an over-qualified, underpaid workforce.
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Post-Docs, Backup Plans, and Risk Versus Uncertainty

Something to consider is that there is a scientific life outside of the tenure-track system, and it can be rewarding.
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