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Links 5/31/12

Links for you. Science: Big Pitch or Big Lottery? The unenviable task of evaluating the grant review system Zoos’ Bitter Choice: To Save Some Species, Letting Others Die Negative Calorie Food: Science Myths and Legends The Unwritten Rules of Journalism … Continue reading

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A Case Study in How the Poor Are Prosecuted for Being Poor

Or perhaps I should write persecuted? Recently, I discussed how the poor are prosecuted simply for being poor. The story of Methodist pastor Lorenza Andrade-Smith, who, in ministering to the homeless, sold her belongings and renounced her health insurance, provides … Continue reading

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The Chris Hayes Hero Non-Troversy: A Case Study in the Rightwing Hissy Fit

Last Sunday, on his TV show, Chris Hayes discussed whether we should be using the term hero so often, which led to much high dudgeon by conservatives, followed by the obligatory curling up in the fetal position by TV pseudo-liberals. … Continue reading

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Links 5/30/12

Links for you. Science: The Story Behind the Paper by Joshua Weitz on Neutral Theory of Genome Evolution The Bacteria that Commit Honourable Suicide NASA: the penny drops CephSeq – a Cephalopod Genomics Consortium A rant about museum photography Evolutionary … Continue reading

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That Is Not a Squirrel

Observed on the Boston Common, Beacon Street side at around 7pm: What’s that? Let’s get a little closer: Yup. Not a squirrel. Rather bold for a rat.

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Brad DeLong Asks Exactly the Right Question of Very Respectable Centrists

Brad DeLong fascinates me: on policy issues, he is very centrist (at least in a sane political system), but unlike most centrists (or perhaps ‘pseudo-centrists’), he is able to fully grasp how batshitloonitarians and theocrats have completely overrun the Republican … Continue reading

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Links 5/29/12

Links for you. Science: Attention-grabbing rampage adds nothing to GM debate Brazilian ants are fiesty! Insect swarms near streetlights contain more predators and scavengers See? Teaching Professors Fare Worse in Grant Review Does Dawkins understand group selection? Other: How “No … Continue reading

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Nobody Really Cares About Deficits: It’s the Economy, Stupid

Remember that phrase? Anyway, I’ve long been convinced that “deficits” are what people say when the economy is bad. Since the U.S., for most of the last eighty years, has run deficits (and this isn’t a bad thing), it also … Continue reading

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China’s Antibiotic Resistance Crisis

With the rise of highly resistant strains that carry a gene known as NDM-1, or New Delhi beta-metallolactamase-1, the misuse of antibiotics in India has received a lot of attemntion. However, China also has an out-of-control antibiotic resistance problem: But … Continue reading

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Links 5/28/12

Links for you. Science: The NIH system stifles creativity. Why not empower the R21? Revenge of the Weeds: Plant pests are evolving to outsmart common herbicides, costing farmers crops and money. Harvard team cracks the code for new drug resistant … Continue reading

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