Links 5/28/12

Links for you. Science:

The NIH system stifles creativity. Why not empower the R21?
Revenge of the Weeds: Plant pests are evolving to outsmart common herbicides, costing farmers crops and money.
Harvard team cracks the code for new drug resistant superbugs
Is “The Big Pitch” testing what NSF thinks it is?
Is it worth $61 per year?


Who’s Killing Philly Public Schools? Underfunded. Overburdened. About to be sold for scrap
The Philanthropic Complex
Rightwingers for all seasons
Arizona Congressman Who Proposed DC Abortion Ban Gets Hilarious Payback from Pissed Off DC Residents
All Apologies
Likud MK Danny Danon Wants to Put African Migrants in Israel into Concentration Camps
Six Questions I Asked Thomas Mann and Norman Ornstein About Their Book “It’s Even Worse than It Looks” on May 18, 2012
The Fable of “Moral Arithmetic”
Luke Russert, nepotist prince
The Humanities and Our Humanity
Democrats grade Mitt Romney on education
Obama and Roberts: The View From 2005
The Fork in the Road for Health Care
Mitt Romney offers little on education but bashing teachers unions and Obama
Florida Supervisor of Elections: Gov. Scott’s Voter Purge Will Remove Eligible Voters From Rolls

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