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We’re Not Having A Serious Discussion About Grant Overheads

Something Steve M. at No More Mister Nice Blog wrote is very relevant to recent arguments about NIH (and by extension, other agencies’) grant overheads (boldface mine): Please note how the Times presents this debate — in effect, “White House, … Continue reading

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A Primer On NIH’s Indirect Costs

Based on interest in yesterday’s post about NIH overheads, here’s a talk put together by Sally Rocker, while she was still at NIH (because we believe policy discussions require knowing how things work):

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If You Want Federal Agencies To Work Together, They Should Be In The Same Place

Over the weekend, Ross Douthat had an op-ed lamenting the rise of the well-to-do liberal city. We’ll leave aside a key cause of gentrification and pricing out the middle class (note that these aren’t the same thing), which is rising … Continue reading

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Overheads: Nobody Is Leaving Money On The Table

Last week, after a surprise attempt by the Trump Administration to take back $1.2 billion of committed funds from NIH, HHS Secretary Tom Price responded: Price repeatedly suggested reducing the amount the NIH pays universities to cover “overhead” costs, like … Continue reading

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More On Bogus NIH Budgets

Last week, we discussed Il Trumpe’s magic asterisk NIH budget, which supposedly will find a way to cut over $6 billion in spending through what is essentially pixie dust: What’s idiotic is that there’s no way ‘consolidations’ could possibly bring … Continue reading

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NIH And Coal Mining

Il Trumpe has made bringing back coal mining jobs, no matter how unrealistic that would be, a key component of his economic plan (such as it is…). After last week’s ‘budget’ release, which proposed an NIH funding cut of twenty … Continue reading

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Trump Thinks The NIH Is “Terrible”

In light of Il Trumpe’s ‘budget’ that would cut NIH funding by twenty percent, it’s worth revisiting something he said in 2015 about the NIH (boldface added): A few days ago Donald Trump called into Michael Savage’s radio show. Savage … Continue reading

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