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More On Bogus NIH Budgets

Last week, we discussed Il Trumpe’s magic asterisk NIH budget, which supposedly will find a way to cut over $6 billion in spending through what is essentially pixie dust: What’s idiotic is that there’s no way ‘consolidations’ could possibly bring … Continue reading

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NIH And Coal Mining

Il Trumpe has made bringing back coal mining jobs, no matter how unrealistic that would be, a key component of his economic plan (such as it is…). After last week’s ‘budget’ release, which proposed an NIH funding cut of twenty … Continue reading

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Trump Thinks The NIH Is “Terrible”

In light of Il Trumpe’s ‘budget’ that would cut NIH funding by twenty percent, it’s worth revisiting something he said in 2015 about the NIH (boldface added): A few days ago Donald Trump called into Michael Savage’s radio show. Savage … Continue reading

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Trump’s Magic Asterisk NIH Budget

Trump budget office hard at work If you haven’t heard by now, Trump’s ersatz budget proposal would cut NIH spending by $6.3 billion dollars, over twenty percent (the number bandied about, $5.8 billion is wrong due to a slight of … Continue reading

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The Best Case Scenario For HHS?

For those who are not wise to the ways of Washington acronyms, DHHS (often referred to as HHS) stands for the Department of Human and Health Services. Two organizations that belong to HHS are the CDC and the NIH, so … Continue reading

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Is NIH Purchasing Risk-Free Science?

Drugmonkey, building on a comment left at his blog, claims the following (boldface mine): This comment from dsks absolutely nails it to the wall. The NIH is supposed to be taking on a major component of the risk in scientific … Continue reading

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What Should Be The Long-Term Fate of Scientific Databases?

One of the problems that all scientific databases face is funding. From the funders’ perspective, they are being asked to make a commitment in perpetuity: with rare exceptions, there is always more work to be done. At the same time, … Continue reading

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