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Opposition to Gay Marriage and Voting Democratic in Spite of Bigotry

Recently, the Buttigieg campaign and his defenders were suggesting that he’s attracting very little (to be generous) black support due to black anti-gay bigotry. Needless to say, this did not go over very well at all. According to Pew, there … Continue reading

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Regarding The Pelosi Leadership Nontroversy, Some Heartland Whispering Might Be Called For

And I’m not snarking. The NY Times describes how some Democratic officials view House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi as an impediment to being re-elected, citing newly-elected Democratic congressman Conor Lamb’s supposed claim that he would vote against her leadership (I … Continue reading

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Things We All Know Yet Are Not True: The Supposedly Wealthy LGB Edition

In an excellent post, Kathleen Geier notes the following: The Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law, with which Badgett is affiliated, studies the economic status of LGBT individuals and their families. Some of their recent findings include the … Continue reading

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