The Successful, If Hidden, Anti-Trans ‘Activism’ of the NY Times

By way of Commandante Atrios, we come across this excellent point made on the Twitterz (even on Elongated Muskrat’s Twitter no less!):

As many people who spend much more time dealing with anti-trans bigotry repeatedly note, the number of articles and their tone can’t be chalked up to an occasional bad article: it is no different than when the NY Times covers other issues multiple times. They are trying to use their journalism to advocate for certain policies, and, given how many Republicans have cited the NY Times’ articles, they seem to be successful at it.

At some point, this pattern is obviously not a bug, but a feature, even if they don’t want to admit it (they don’t seem to be celebrating it publicly, as the tweet above indicates). This is activism, of an evil, degenerate sort.

We need to really start thinking about the role editorial mastheads play in all of this, since they seem to be filled with… not-good people. Same as it ever was.

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