Fox News Sinks to a New Low: The War on Algebra

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised since the word algebra has a Muslimanian Arabic etymology. But this story about these Fox News panelists getting bent out of shape over the distributive property is brain shatteringly stupid:

Fox News host Eric Bolling on Wednesday accused some schools of “pushing the liberal agenda” for teaching an algebra lesson about the distributive property.

“But even worse is the way some textbooks are pushing the liberal agenda,” the Fox News host explained, pointing to an algebra worksheet that Scholastic says gives students “[i]nsight into the distributive property as it applies to multiplication.”

“Distribute the wealth!” Bolling exclaimed, reading the worksheet. “Distribute the wealth with the lovely rich girl with a big ole bag of money, handing some money out.”

This is the offending worksheet:


Onwards comrades!

Movement conservatism has reached the terminal stage in its descent from Roosevelt’s Bull Moose to Glenn Beck’s Prion-Infested Cow.

Remember: no nation can endure half Fox News and half free.

Related: There’s video, if you can stomach it, here.

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6 Responses to Fox News Sinks to a New Low: The War on Algebra

  1. John Danley says:

    Of course, Faux News acolytes fully embrace the quadratic evasion regarding taxes.

  2. Min says:

    Watch out for the division of labor!


  3. joemac53 says:

    Insert joke about “weapons of math instruction”.

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