Heartland Institute Employs Staffer Who Believes “Woman” Is a Pejorative

By now, you might have read about the leaked documents from the Heartland Institute, a right wing faith tank that specializes in global warming denialism. As is usually the case with these sorts of situations, you can learn a lot by looking at the money–in this case, their budget report (pdf). On page 9, we read that Ben Domenech is the Managing Editor of HCN (HCN is “Health Care News”; verified on their website). And that name rang a bell.

Domenech was a former blogger for The Washington Post who was fired due to plagarism. Glad to see the wingnut welfare machine helped him land on his feet.

But before that little unfortunate incident, he was your run-of-the-mill right wing blogger, who wrote this in an imaginary concession speech in support of Fred Thompson (?!?) this (boldface mine):

I have never seen such a bunch of pansies strutting about pretending to be leaders.

Rudy Giuliani? Slick cheater. Mike Huckabee? Jesus freak. John McCain? Crazy. Mitt Romney? Woman.

I wonder what his female colleagues think of that? And his evangelical conservative fellow travellers about the Huckabee slur (sounds like something a liberal might say…)? That he didn’t just call Romney a wimp, but instead used “woman” is telling.

Heartland is really scraping the bottom of the barrel….

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  1. He not only used “woman” as an insult, he wrote, “All of these are reasons they should be forced to give this d**n speech today, not me.” So “woman” is an insult, and being a woman means you aren’t good enough to be an elected official.

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