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House Democrats Must Investigate NC’s Voting Fraud

Notice I didn’t write voter fraud, but voting fraud. From the Great State of North Carolina (boldface mine): Allegations of voting irregularities in and around Bladen County swirled on Thursday, with the North Carolina Democratic Party calling for an official … Continue reading

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Some Post-Election Thoughts

Bit of a late night, and since the professional pundits are all geared up for instant analysis, here are some thoughts about tonight’s election: Democrats did better in the House than I thought, and were (possibly) true to form in … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts On Today’s Elections

I’ve been focused mostly on the House elections, as I still think it’s likely that the Democrats retake the House with a five to ten seat majority, and end up losing two seats in the Senate. And if you’re in … Continue reading

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D.C. Election Endorsements

Since early voting has started in D.C. (go here for more information), here are the Mad Biologist’s endorsements. As always, I don’t really expect my endorsements to influence anyone other than me. I’ve also stayed away from the eleventy gajillion … Continue reading

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Are Professional Democrats Ready For November 7th?

If the previous decades are any indication, probably not. Charles Pierce makes a very good point, and one to remember even if Democrats do well (boldface mine): These two statements are not merely crude electioneering. They are part of a … Continue reading

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Trump Country Versus Not-Clinton Country

Greg Sargent raises a good question (boldface mine): The basic narrative at the core of this journalism has been that, no matter how worked up the elites in DC get about this or that Trumpian tweet or outburst, he identified … Continue reading

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Democratic Enthusiasm For The Midterms Is Fine

When a new Gallup poll about voter enthusiasm was released, many news organizations, which are clearly staffed by mathematically illiterate headline writers decided to go with “Republicans close the enthusiasm gap” type of headlines. This kind of peawit analysis is … Continue reading

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