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Looking For Electoral Love In All The Wrong Places

Or, where is the genius Democratic consultant who can increase turnout? Damon Linker notes (boldface mine): This would seem to imply that the most electorally formidable leftist candidate would combine Bernie Sanders’ economic populism with modest immigration restrictions (Socialism for … Continue reading

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Voting Integrity And The SAFE Act

The SAFE Act is something we absolutely need (boldface mine): The changes that [Democrat] Pocan and his fellow House members propose would place elections systems in the same category as other critical infrastructure such as the power grid, the banking … Continue reading

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Will The Georgia 6th District Special Election Be Hacked?

I hate writing about this, but I wouldn’t feel the need to do so if we took the integrity of the vote seriously. This is awful (boldface mine): A 29-year-old former cybersecurity researcher with the federal government’s Oak Ridge National … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts On The Russian Election Hacking Story

Well, shit, I can’t leave town for a few days without all hell breaking loose (I suppose I’ll have to console myself with memories of having sazerac at Arnaud’s…). Anyway, The Intercept is reporting that there’s a NSA report claiming … Continue reading

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Democrats Need To Increase Turnout

Last night, the Republican candidate for the sole House seat from Montana (which is one more voting House seat than the citizens of the mainland colony, aka ‘D.C.’, get. Just saying) won a special election. That he is an entitled … Continue reading

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Elections And Basic Arithmetic

I’ve made the point in multiple contexts that percentages, such as those used to describe either antibiotic resistance frequencies or electoral outcomes, often don’t make much sense without the underlying numbers–what I’ve called the ‘denominator problem.’ Finally, a political pundit … Continue reading

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Ossoff, KS04, And Turnout

Oh my? Recently, I noted that there was a huge, bigly difference in Democratic versus Republican turnout in a special election held for an open Kansas Congressional seat. That said, in the Kansas special election, the Democrat received 68 percent … Continue reading

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