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Ossoff, KS04, And Turnout

Oh my? Recently, I noted that there was a huge, bigly difference in Democratic versus Republican turnout in a special election held for an open Kansas Congressional seat. That said, in the Kansas special election, the Democrat received 68 percent … Continue reading

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The Thing That Should Terrify Republicans About Tuesday’s Special Election In Kansas

In a word: turnout. While the Democrat lost Tuesday night, he only lost by seven points, while, in 2016, the Republican won by thirty-one points. Kind of a big swing. But, as always, there’s a numerator and denominator to worry … Continue reading

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The Republican Id Is Visible Down Ballot: The Montana Voting Edition

Looks like a Montanan Republican official wrote something he shouldn’t have (boldface mine): The head of the Montana Republican Party wrote an emergency plea this week warning that legislation allowing residents to cast mail-in ballots would benefit Democrats and make … Continue reading

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And How Many Voters Will Jonathan Chait Register?

Regardless of where you fall on Sanders-Clinton continuum, we are all better off if Democrats win elections–and that means votes. At the presidential level, some back of the envelope calculations suggest Democrats needed on average from two to six additional … Continue reading

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At Least 49 Trump Electors Are Ineligible. Do We Laugh Or Cry?

Unfuckingbelievable (boldface mine): More than 50 Electoral College members who voted for Donald Trump were ineligible to serve as presidential electors because they did not live in the congressional districts they represented or held elective office in states legally barring … Continue reading

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One Way To End The Electoral College

Tom Geoghegan (who is our favorite Geoghegan!) describes several good paths to getting rid of the Electoral College, including compulsory voting (boldface mine): Third, Democrats must institute compulsory voting in California and New York, in particular, and in as many … Continue reading

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Computer Scientists Call For Audit of Vote In Three States

I hate writing about this stuff because it makes feel tin-foil helmet-ey, but I’m not the only one who thinks we need to audit the vote (boldface mine): Hillary Clinton is being urged by a group of prominent computer scientists … Continue reading

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