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2020 Electoral Endorsements: National and D.C.

Which, as always, should be seen as an indication of how I’ll probably vote… Anyway, since lots of D.C. residents are voting early this year, there’s no time like the present to fire off some endorsements. One thing I’m going … Continue reading

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Mail-In Ballot Rejection, Caucuses and an Incompetent Political Party

One point I’ve made about mail-in balloting is that there’s a lot of fiddly things that can be done incorrectly. Well-intentioned people would look past these things, but since Republicans are involved, voters mailing in ballots better dot all their … Continue reading

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One Reason Voting by Mail Worries Me

It’s kinda tricky. Ed at Gin and Tacos makes a very good point about voting by mail (boldface mine): Many years ago I taught a very large lecture course and to facilitate grading 400 exams I asked the students to … Continue reading

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Why I’m Nervous about the 2020 Presidential Election: It’s the Map, Stupid

And if Oliver Willis stumbles across this, he might yell at me for being pessimistic. Onward comrades… Leaving aside Biden’s flaws–and he still has them, but that’s preferable to a mass murderer–what worries me is the Electoral College. Consider this … Continue reading

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The Inability of Too Many Democrats to Understand Who Their Voters Are

It’s utterly mind boggling. Recently, parts of Democratic Twitter were convulsed by comedian and podcaster Joe Rogan’s endorsement of Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders–and the poor decision by the Sanders campaign to retweet Rogan’s endorsement, as Joe Rogan and … Continue reading

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Voters Often Do Not Behave Linearly, and They View National Elections Like Local Elections

Having done canvassing in the old days when we had to canvass neighborhoods both ways uphill identifying voters wasn’t very sophisticated, I learned that many voters don’t really organize candidates along a left-right axis–they don’t think linearly. One corollary of … Continue reading

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The Politics of Mortality

JAMA recently published a paper about the increase in mortality among 25-64 year olds in the U.S.–and it’s not just for white people anymore! Snark aside, it’s not good (boldface mine): Despite spending more on health care than any other … Continue reading

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Democrats Need to Mandate Paper Ballots

Preventing things like voter suppression via caging obviously must be a priority for Democrats if they are able to take back power*, another issue should be mandating paper ballots, whether they are scanned and audited or counted by hand (hand-marked … Continue reading

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People Have to Like This Crap: Healthcare and Voter Turnout

While many people don’t vote their immediate circumstances, we shouldn’t ignore the role good policy can play in getting voters to actually show up and vote (boldface mine): Increasing voter turnout is hard. Robustly progressive, anti-Establishment campaign messages rarely do … Continue reading

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Voters Don’t Think Linearly: The Second Choice Edition

Sometimes, I think Joshua Holland and I are the only ones who realize that many voters don’t orient themselves linearly along some axis of political ideology. Holland notes (boldface mine): Every day, you will find opinion columns and news reports … Continue reading

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