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Computer Scientists Call For Audit of Vote In Three States

I hate writing about this stuff because it makes feel tin-foil helmet-ey, but I’m not the only one who thinks we need to audit the vote (boldface mine): Hillary Clinton is being urged by a group of prominent computer scientists … Continue reading

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Audit The Vote

I’ve been arguing for four years that there is something weird going on with election results when you look at the precinct level results. For the record, I called for a recount (or audit) when I thought Clinton was going … Continue reading

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An Inconvenient Truth About (Many) Democratic Voters

Ezekiel Kweku draws together some ideas that were rattling around in my head (boldface mine): I have good news and bad news: America is pretty much the same country it was in 2008 when it elected Barack Hussein Obama as … Continue reading

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2016 Endorsements

Which, depending on how I’m feeling, might influence one voter (me). Anyway… President: Hillary Clinton. It’s not that she’s awesome, though electing our first woman president would be a very good thing. But Trump is horrible in so many ways, … Continue reading

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Unregistered Voters Are One Of The Most Democratic-Leaning Groups

And this is a problem. While getting the occasional Trump supporter to change his mind would be a good thing–their votes ‘count double’ (Trump loses a vote; Clinton gains one)–I would argue that there are two major groups that have … Continue reading

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We’re Missing The Point About Trump’s Charges Of Illegitimate Elections

It’s the self-projection, stupid. What I mean by that is everything Trump accuses someone else of doing, he’s doing himself. Sexual assault by Bill Clinton? Turns out Trump is a serial groper–and boasts about it. The Clinton Foundation is thoroughly … Continue reading

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Pick-Up Artistry Versus Winning Over Voters

One of the baffling things to me since the primary season is how inept a subset of Clinton supporters have been at winning over former Sanders supporters and undecideds. Somehow, hectoring possible voters–voters Democrats need–is supposed to convince them to … Continue reading

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