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How to Get Nice Things

With one simple trick: No more Generation Lead* politics, please. Show up and vote. *As in the metal, not the verb.

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Get Ready For Primary Rules Whining

And this time, it won’t be the Dreaded BernieBros (BOOGA! BOOGA!). See if you can find the problem (boldface mine): The DNC set rules decades ago to discourage fringe candidates from remaining in the race and to reduce the power … Continue reading

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House Democrats Must Investigate NC’s Voting Fraud

Notice I didn’t write voter fraud, but voting fraud. From the Great State of North Carolina (boldface mine): Allegations of voting irregularities in and around Bladen County swirled on Thursday, with the North Carolina Democratic Party calling for an official … Continue reading

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Some Post-Election Thoughts

Bit of a late night, and since the professional pundits are all geared up for instant analysis, here are some thoughts about tonight’s election: Democrats did better in the House than I thought, and were (possibly) true to form in … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts On Today’s Elections

I’ve been focused mostly on the House elections, as I still think it’s likely that the Democrats retake the House with a five to ten seat majority, and end up losing two seats in the Senate. And if you’re in … Continue reading

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D.C. Election Endorsements

Since early voting has started in D.C. (go here for more information), here are the Mad Biologist’s endorsements. As always, I don’t really expect my endorsements to influence anyone other than me. I’ve also stayed away from the eleventy gajillion … Continue reading

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Are Professional Democrats Ready For November 7th?

If the previous decades are any indication, probably not. Charles Pierce makes a very good point, and one to remember even if Democrats do well (boldface mine): These two statements are not merely crude electioneering. They are part of a … Continue reading

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