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Boston, “The Future Of Inflation”, And Housing

We come across this statement by the chairman of the Boston Federal Reserve (boldface mine): At a Friday breakfast meeting of the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, Boston’s Federal Reserve president Eric Rosengren laid out some of the unique challenges … Continue reading

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When Real Estate Needs Change Faster Than Building Cycles

A while ago, some asshole with a blog observed that there is a mismatch between what is being built in D.C. and what is actually needed: But what’s really ridiculous is that, even as the need for office space is … Continue reading

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Books For The Rich

No, this isn’t a new political slogan. A common theme of apartment advertisements, especially those in glass box buildings (which are many of the new buildings on the market in D.C.), is a couple, who is usually too young to … Continue reading

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Asset Inflation

One of the points I’ve made repeatedly is that we can’t understand the urban housing crisis (why housing is expensive in many urban areas) without accounting for income inequality: you can’t have gentrification without a gentry class. Ian Welsh makes … Continue reading

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We Can’t Understand The Urban Housing Shortage Without Recognizing The Office Surplus

This is something cities are going to have to grapple with (boldface mine): DC has around 14.1 million square feet of vacant office space, and 8.2 million square feet of it is in the downtown area. That’s equivalent to more … Continue reading

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When Public Housing Wasn’t Charity

In an article about public housing in Alexandra, VA, there’s a very important, but forgotten, point about why it was built (boldface mine): Public housing was originally built not as a social safety net program, but rather because the government … Continue reading

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So This Is The Guy Who Is Going To Bring Peace To The Middle East?

So Jared Kushner’s family real estate business is on the rocks, in large part, because they bought a Manhattan office building at a ridiculously high price, and now they’re having difficulty making the loan calls (which is to say, in … Continue reading

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