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These Micro-Units Aren’t Helping As a response for the need to help the poor, I’m all for ‘micro-units’, which are essentially very small apartments, often with a communal space. Without the political will to build subsidized housing, we need something to replace … Continue reading

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You Can’t Have Gentrification Without A Gentry Class

I’ve made this point before, but it bears repeating in light of a new study: One of the things that always seems to go missing in discussions of gentrification and its effect on housing prices is, well, the existence of … Continue reading

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Urban Housing Policy And Those Stupid Natural History Facts: The DOPA And TOPA Edition

Attempts to lower urban housing costs seem to come in two flavors: 1. BUILD MOAR. 2. Rent control. However, D.C. has two pretty good alternatives, known as DOPA: Here’s the thing–D.C. has a very good legal structure to preserve affordable … Continue reading

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This Isn’t Helping Lower Housing Prices In D.C.

D.C. meet Mr. Market Failure (boldface mine): The co-working segment is the bright spot in D.C.’s commercial real estate market right now, but there are concerns. JLL said the office vacancy rate in D.C. is currently over 12 percent, and … Continue reading

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The Exburb Implosion And The Hidden Cost of Transportation

While people often focus on the cost of housing, it’s important to realize that the costs of transportation also need to be considered. As I noted a few years ago, when you include transportation costs into the ‘cost of housing’, … Continue reading

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The Depressing Thing About Housing Porn

And, no, I’m not talking about porn that takes place in houses (I’ll leave that to the state government of Utah). I mean the genre, both in its online and print incarnations, that shows beautiful houses or apartments. What’s weird … Continue reading

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I Believe In Providing Shelter But Mayor Bowser Seems To Have Turned This Into Graft

Despite my many criticisms of D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, I thought one of her redeeming qualities is her commitment to housing the homeless. And when she recently unveiled her plan, I thought it was pretty good. While the housing would … Continue reading

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