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Accountability, Arrogance, and NIMBY

Over the long weekend, there was a fantastic article about a key element of the housing crisis in many urban metropolitan areas: NIMBY progressives (NIMBY stands for Not In My Back Yard). This is one reason, among many, why I’ve … Continue reading

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You Can’t Have Gentrification Without a Gentry Class: The SALT Edition

Yes, not enough housing can bid up prices. But as we’ve been saying for years, you can’t have gentrification without a gentry class. In other words, housing prices, in part, are expensive because the gentry class is able to afford … Continue reading

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Housing and National Democrats

To date, only Booker, Harris, Sanders, and Warren have discussed housing (Booker, Harris, and Warren have published plans). Booker last week added a feature to his–he penalizes cities that zone exclusively for single-family housing (boldface mine): Under Booker’s proposal, cities … Continue reading

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Housing, Crises, and Cronyism

A few years ago, I noted that D.C.’s Mayor Bowser, while committed to ending homelessness and building more housing, proposed a plan that was essentially payback her campaign contributors, while costing far too much for housing. Well, she is consistent … Continue reading

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The Housing Debate Shows How Meaningless Political Descriptions Are

Last week, Farhad Manjoo of the NY Times had an article which was given the online headline of “America’s Cities Are Unlivable. Blame Wealthy Liberals” and a print headline of “Nimby Liberals Make Cities Unlivable.” Interestingly, Manjoo himself doesn’t use … Continue reading

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Gentrification Without The Rise Is Just Urban Poverty

Gentrification seems to be in the news again, which always serves as a reminder that the word gentrification is usually very poorly defined. As we’ve noted before, gentrification is a two-step process. First, middle- and lower middle-class people leave a … Continue reading

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Schools In The Richest Nation On Earth

This, from Montgomery County, MD, one of the richest counties in the U.S., is disheartening (boldface mine): When Abbe Milstein’s eldest daughter started at Luxmanor Elementary, the classrooms were roomy. But when her two other children enrolled several years later, … Continue reading

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