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The Rent Is Too Damn High: The D.C. Rent Stabilization Edition

A few weeks ago, some asshole with a blog discussed how landlords in D.C. are engaged in algorithmic collusion to jack up rental prices. While that’s a new trick those gonifs have learned, the old ones–which target lower income people–are … Continue reading

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The Rents Are Too Damn High–And Democrats Should Do Something About It

But why do people think the economy is not good? (boldface mine) It now requires $119.27 to buy the same goods and services a family could afford with $100 before the pandemic. Since early 2020, prices have risen about as … Continue reading

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BuT wHy Do PeOpLe ThInK tHe EcOnOmY sUcKs? A Personal Angle on Some Justice for D.C. Renters

D.C.’s Attorney General Schwalb is bringing a lawsuit against fourteen D.C. landlords and the ‘tech’ company Real Page, who are accused of price fixing (boldface mine): The rent is too damn high in D.C., and Attorney General Brian Schwalb claims … Continue reading

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The Problem with D.C.’s Downtown Is the Private, Not Federal, Sector

Because D.C.’s current leadership, despite years of high rates of office vacancies downtown, did nothing to address the problem, they have been calling for federal workers to return to the office in a desperate attempt to jump start downtown businesses, … Continue reading

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The Weirdest (and Freakiest) NIMBY Argument Yet

Recently, the Boston Globe described the reality of trying to build denser housing in Boston suburbs with access to mass transit*. The typical arguments against increasing density are made by the opponents, and there are the usual local officials who … Continue reading

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Housing and Economic Anxiety

Ned Resnikoff makes a very important point about the Hollywood strikes (boldface mine): But one of the most important background conditions for these two strikes is the housing crisis. As labor historian Nelson Lichtenstein recently noted, dizzying housing costs in … Continue reading

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It’s All About Housing Prices

Well, obviously, not everything. But Ned Resnikoff makes a good point about the context in which the entertainment industry strikes are occurring (boldface mine): Characteristically, I’d like to dedicate the rest of this post to discussing the last issue: the … Continue reading

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Cities Are DOOOOMED!!

That’s what the NY Times would have us believe anyway*. Yes, cities right now are suffering some revenue shortfalls–though why the NYT led with D.C., when D.C. will be immune to declines in income tax revenues due to people working … Continue reading

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What to Do with D.C.’s Downtown

We start with this quick hit from Axios (boldface mine): Driving the news: Bowser and Mendelson spoke last night at an event hosted by the planning advocacy group Committee of 100. Bowser reiterated her support for raising the federal Height … Continue reading

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If We Tax the Rich, They’ll Leave D.C.

Blah, blah, blah. This came across the Twitterz: Former D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams is urging members of the business community to write @councilofdc in opposition to proposed tax increases on high earners. "Highly skilled workers are more mobile than ever. … Continue reading

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