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You Can’t Have Gentrification Without A Gentry

Pointing out the obvious yet neglected component of gentrification (boldface mine): But why Brooklyn, and why now? There’s no one answer. Rather, several interlocking factors have helped bring about the New Brooklyn: Inequality. To have $4,000-a-month rents, you need renters … Continue reading

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The White House Housing Development Toolkit And Democracy

A couple of weeks ago, the White House released a ten-point “Housing Development Toolkit” plan (pdf) to address the housing problem (which, by the way, does little to address the long-term fiscal instability of the suburbs. But I digress). I … Continue reading

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There Goes The Neighborhood

You know, when those people move in. I mean, of course, right-wing think tank the American Enterprise Institute. Work is finally finishing up on their new digs at the corner of 18th and P Streets NW: Leaving aside my political … Continue reading

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Yes, New Construction Can Raise Housing Prices (And Rents)

What triggered this post was a tweet by Noah Smith: Yesterday I talked to two SF progressives who are absolutely convinced that building more houses raises rents. Amazing. — Noah Smith (@Noahpinion) August 21, 2016 And another one by Brendan … Continue reading

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These Micro-Units Aren’t Helping

As a response for the need to help the poor, I’m all for ‘micro-units’, which are essentially very small apartments, often with a communal space. Without the political will to build subsidized housing, we need something to replace what used … Continue reading

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You Can’t Have Gentrification Without A Gentry Class

I’ve made this point before, but it bears repeating in light of a new study: One of the things that always seems to go missing in discussions of gentrification and its effect on housing prices is, well, the existence of … Continue reading

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Urban Housing Policy And Those Stupid Natural History Facts: The DOPA And TOPA Edition

Attempts to lower urban housing costs seem to come in two flavors: 1. BUILD MOAR. 2. Rent control. However, D.C. has two pretty good alternatives, known as DOPA: Here’s the thing–D.C. has a very good legal structure to preserve affordable … Continue reading

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