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Unwilling To Truly Combat Global Warming: The WaPo Transit Edition

While this Washington Post editorial would appear to be about a minor transit issue, it represents the kind of failure that we must end if we’re serious about stopping climate change (boldface mine): WHEN GOV. Larry Hogan (R) last year … Continue reading

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The Rent Is Too Damn High

Or, if you prefer, affordable housing is now an upper-middle class problem. Not a gentry class problem, but definitely one for the upper-middle class. Consider the median D.C. household income–which is pretty good compared to many places!–of $77,686. Affordable housing, … Continue reading

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I’m Thankful That Amazon Didn’t Come To D.C.

Last week, when Amazon decided to set up sorta-kinda-headquarters in Crystal City and in Long Island City, NY, I was glad D.C. wasn’t going to waste any money on enriching the wealthiest man in the world. Given how Crystal City, … Continue reading

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Climate Change And Disasters

Over the last few years, every time there is a large scale climate-related catastrophe, there are renewed calls to do something (e.g., the Malibu inferno). But all of the proposals miss something important. Here’s a Vox summary of the Green … Continue reading

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DOPA And The Classic D.C. Governance Problem

And by D.C. I mean the local government, not Wor-Shing-Tun. D.C. has the habit of passing excellent laws, and then neither funding nor enforcing them–that would be hard, and make people uncomfortable! Case in point, DOPA (boldface mine): D.C. Mayor … Continue reading

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Don’t Think The Trumps Were The Only Landlords To Screw Their Renters

Yesterday, the NY Times published a bombshell story describing in great detail how much of Il Trumpe’s fortune was built on his father’s wealth and tax fraud. This part makes you think (boldface mine): One of the first steps came … Continue reading

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Tariffs Are Hurting YIMBYs

While I’m not a full-throttled YIMBY (though, increasingly, NIMBY idiocy is pushing me in that direction), once a building has been approved, we should have it be built to the approved height–we do need the housing. But this is a … Continue reading

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