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Intersectionality, National Rifle Association Style

The NRA actually tweeted this: Have you ever wondered what happens when witchcraft intersects with gun control? Witch spells are cast onto POTUS and the NRA. When fighting for freedom, the NRA doesn't get involved with witchcraft. We prefer education, … Continue reading

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The Waffle House Murderer Did Not Beat Four People To Death With His… Manhood

And if we outlaw penises, then only outlaws will have penises. Or something. Three comments on the Waffle House shooting in Tennessee by a naked gunman with an AR-15. First, we have reached the point where the only way spree … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts On The March For Our Lives

After attending the D.C. March For Our Lives, here are some (sometimes tangentially) related thoughts: To get the negative stuff out of the way, I don’t like the March For Our Lives organizers’ policy proposals that much (I agree with … Continue reading

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Dear CPAC, F-ck Your Feelings

Remember those “Fuck Your Feelings” t-shirts the Trumpies wore during the campaign? I do. Which brings us to this episode of Conservative Butthurt (boldface mine): The man responsible for inviting one of Europe’s rising crypto-fascists to the United States and … Continue reading

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Common Sense And Gun Control

In much of the recent discussion about gun control, the phrase ‘common sense’ has been used quite often. This is one of those phrases that doesn’t really mean much, as who is really against common sense? Nobody will claim they … Continue reading

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In Ten To Fifteen Years, Two Policies Will Be Finished

The first is our ludicrous anti-gun control policies (boldface mine): “I’ve been told these protocols for years,” she said. “My sister is in middle school — she’s 12 — and in elementary school, she had to do code red drills.” … Continue reading

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Mass Murderers Are Responsible Gun Owners. Until They’re Not.

While there’s much that could and should be said about the recent horrific school shooting, this paragraph from Charles Pierce struck a chord with me (boldface mine): Good god. This guy was so freaking dangerous he was on the FBI’s … Continue reading

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We Have A Handgun Problem

While this is something I’ve discussed many, many, many times before, it bears repeating: our greatest problem, by far, is a handgun problem. Not assault rifles. Not evil terrorists, but simple handguns, usually either domestic violence or chucklehead-on-chucklehead violence (often … Continue reading

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Orlando And The Tales We Tell About Terrorism

Observed on S Street NW, between Connecticut and 20th, Dupont Circle, D.C. And the disappearance of the narrowly-avoided massacre in Los Angeles. After watching a fun Gay Pride parade in D.C. (it’s sort of like a laid back Carnival) Saturday … Continue reading

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When Seditious Conspiracists Become Terrorists

Or at least intimidators. From the Oregon Cowliphate (boldface mine): Fear of the militants occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and roaming the communities of Burns and Hines sits like a heavy winter fog over the area. More than a … Continue reading

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