Mass Murderers Are Responsible Gun Owners. Until They’re Not.

While there’s much that could and should be said about the recent horrific school shooting, this paragraph from Charles Pierce struck a chord with me (boldface mine):

Good god. This guy was so freaking dangerous he was on the FBI’s goddamn radar… There is almost no way the Army or the Marines—or anybody’s army or marines, except, possibly, ISIL—would have handed an AR-15 to anybody with Cruz’s background. But he was able to own it as long as he locked it up at night in a cabinet to which he had the damn key. And it was sitting there, in the cabinet, to which he had the key, while he was posting threats on social media, bragging about killing animals, and shooting stuff with a pellet gun. His AR-15 was right there, locked in the cabinet, to which Nikolas had a key, until it wasn’t anymore.

He did exactly what a responsible gun owner should do: he kept his guns in a safe. Until he decided to murder people.

That’s the thing about AR-15s and semi-automatic pistols: they are designed to make poorly trained idiots lethal. They are explicitly easy to use. But responsible gun owners will use these weapons wisely. Until they don’t.

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