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Anti-GMO Or Anti-Corporation?

There’s an interesting New Yorker article about using CRISPR and gene drives to solve various problems. But what I found interesting was this part (boldface mine): For Esvelt, though, those achievements seem almost like secondary benefits. “For a lot of … Continue reading

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Not to Flog the Genetic Testing Horse…

Oh, who are we kidding? We love to flog metaphorical horses. Anyway, there’s an interesting article about non-invasive genetic testing that looked at the accuracy of determining if prenatal genetic testing could accurately identify if a child would have Trisomy … Continue reading

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Forget Genomics, Just Do the Genetics That We Know How to Do: The Rape Kit Edition

As genomics becomes cheaper and more accessible, the torrent of articles debating and discussing its effects on human health will only increase. My contribution to this genre is to argue that microbial genomics is also critical, and, in the short … Continue reading

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Myriad and Second Opinions

I’ve discussed before how awful it is that Myriad Genetics has patented the ability to use the BRCA genes to test for high risk of breast cancer. That said, Rose-Ellen Lessy raises a good point I haven’t seen discussed much … Continue reading

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So this story about saving the American chestnut provides some hope (boldface mine): An interloping fungus had arrived at America’s shores two decades earlier, and it would soon make short work of this then-common species. In less than a century’s … Continue reading

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Anyone Know a Biologist With This License Plate?

I was enroute to Long Island two weekends ago, and saw this license plate at the Bridgeport Ferry: Anyone know who this might be?

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But Nothing Could Go Wrong With Widespread Genomic Testing

Whenever the FDA or some other government agency issues a statement about direct-to-consumer genomic sequencing (or genotyping), a minor skirmish in the science bloggysphere erupts. On the one side are medical and public health professionals, while on the other are … Continue reading

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