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But Nothing Could Go Wrong With Widespread Genomic Testing

Whenever the FDA or some other government agency issues a statement about direct-to-consumer genomic sequencing (or genotyping), a minor skirmish in the science bloggysphere erupts. On the one side are medical and public health professionals, while on the other are … Continue reading

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Wall Street and Genetic Testing: Wouldn’t This Be Discrimination?

Admittedly, Wall Street breaks the law so often without any consequences, not to mention notions of basic decency, this would be par for the course: Dr. Zak wanted to see if he could find the genetic signature of this personality … Continue reading

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Los Cubanos!

Amazingly, all of these snails belong to one species, Polymita picta (from the Harvard Museum of Natural History): I realize this is from an exhibit on coloration in nature, but if HMHN wanted to do this right, it would put … Continue reading

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Accidental Schadenfreude Is a Beautiful Thing: The Charles Murray Edition

By way of Jesse Taylor, we learn that Charles Murray, author of The Bell Curve and longtime advocate of a genetic basis for the racial difference in IQ scores, will release a book on the growing socioeconomic divisions. In the … Continue reading

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Just-So Stories and the ‘Evolutionary Biology Diet’

Amanda Marcotte and Rebecca Watson pointed me towards this absurd article “Why women need fat.” In fairness, I don’t dispute the idea that the recent advent of a diet full of processed sugars hasn’t been good for us, or that … Continue reading

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I CAN HAZ SHIGA TOCKSIN PCR? PLZ? It’s time for food, and specifically STEC, surveillance, to enter the last two decades of the twentieth century.
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Multilocus Sequence Typing and How to Make a Mad Biologist Cranky

Note that I said cranky, not mad. All these E. coli and no idea what they are…
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Are Shiga-Toxin Phages E. coli Diseases? (File Under Speculative Hypotheses)

Or maybe wild-ass speculation.
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Serendipity, Picking the Right Strain, and the Foundations of Modern Molecular Biology

People who aren’t scientists often think there is this huge implacable juggernaut that will inevitably discover what needs to be discovered. But so many key discoveries are actually very serendipitous.
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Can Biologists Admit We Are Wrong? Dunno. But We Will Say Other Biologists Are Wrong

Because we are human after all. On the virtues of reaching a (loose) consensus.
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