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Purchasing Pundits: The Ezra Klein Edition?

So this came across the Twitterz recently: How much is the insurance industry paying Ezra Klein? Probably $15,000-$25,000 — Jamison Foser (@jamisonfoser) April 9, 2013 If you don’t follow the links, Washington Post policy blogger Ezra Klein is … Continue reading

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Chris, Scientists Who Speak Well Do Put the Conclusions First

All of the Mad Biologist’s rhetorical gall can be divided into three parts.
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When Speakers Run Over

Admittedly, if you’re a bigwig, you can probably afford to ignore this, but, if you’re not, keeping this in mind is probably a good career move.
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So What Incentives Do We Give Scientists to Communicate to a Wider Public?

There have to be professional, not just personal, incentives to to reach out to the public.
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What Public Speaking-Related Weirdness Do You Have?

Early onset stage fright?
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