Purchasing Pundits: The Ezra Klein Edition?

So this came across the Twitterz recently:

If you don’t follow the links, Washington Post policy blogger Ezra Klein is a keynote speaker at the “Selling Benefits Expo 2013.” The other link shows that he’s on the market for professional speaking at $15,000 – $25,000 a pop.

I haven’t seen any response from Klein, so maybe he’s doing for free–if so, good for him. Speaking some truth to power wouldn’t be a bad thing. It would go a long way towards rebuilding his personal moral sense (I also thought the Washington Post didn’t allow this sort of thing? Though maybe that only applies to reporters, not opinion writers?).

But if he is getting paid, well, that’s a problem. A big one, since he writes about these topics. Good living to be had, though.

And if he did take their coin, some of the left who think of him as ‘ours’ need to stop doing so. After all, we wouldn’t be the ones signing his paycheck.

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