‘He Said, She-Said’: It’s Not Just For Scientific ‘Controversies’ Anymore

One of the more frustrating thing about a lot of mainstream media coverage of science topics like evolution or global warming is that there is a pathological need to report both sides as equal, even though the data and evidence overwhelmingly support one side. It would appear that commentary on the legal profession is not immune from this either. Glenn Greenwald writes:

This [Washington Post]Editorial, with all of its condescension and self-important open-mindedness to administration law-breaking, illustrates a common character flaw among our political and journalistic elites. In their world, the way you should how show smart and thoughtful and serious you are is to see two or more sides to everything, to treat every argument (especially from the Government) seriously and respectfully and be open to it because your great intellect and non-partisan fair-mindedness allows you to avoid the shrill, definitive conclusions in which the emotional and partisan masses traffic.
This borderline religious belief in the need to be open to every claim is enhanced — severely — when it comes to claims made by the Bush administration that are justified with the use of the word “terrorism.” Particularly with regard to such matters, we are subjected to an endless parade of self-consciously “serious” journalists, law professors and editorialists who mistake indecision and an inability to take a definitive stand on anything — along with acquiescence to morally and intellectually corrupt behavior… as a sign of moral and intellectual superiority.
But not everything has two or more sides. Some issues are complicated, but some are not. And some dangers are profound and grave enough that putting a stop to them is infinitely more important than engaging in fun, intellectual games designed to show how serious and studious and intellectually dexterous one is. Sometimes, the “destination” matters more than the soul-searching, intellectually impressive “journey.”

I feel your pain, brother.

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  1. Rob says:

    Unfortunately, we all feel it, and it feels a lot like prison rape.

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