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Labor Is Getting Restless With The Democratic Establishment

Last week, the AFL-CIO made it clear that, like other unions, ol’ timey liberal Democrats and Black Democrats*, they’re tired of being tired (boldface mine): The AFL-CIO convention here passed yesterday a political resolution that calls for a break with … Continue reading

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But The Greatest Threats To Liberty and Freedom Are Some Stupid College Kids

Or something (boldface mine): You may have seen this photo of President Donald Trump’s motorcade winding down a wooded road last week as a woman on a bicycle pedaled by ― giving the middle finger to Trump. The picture, snapped … Continue reading

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Maybe Attacking Labor Dems For 25 Years Was A Bad Idea: The MA Teachers Edition

To be clear, I don’t think voting against a Democrat given the current crop of Republicans, even the supposedly moderate ones, is ever a good idea. But, like it or not, when you crap on your base repeatedly, it has … Continue reading

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Canada Now Views The U.S. As Low Wage Competition

This isn’t good, America (boldface mine): Canadian negotiators are demanding the United States roll back so-called “right to work” laws – accused of gutting unions in some U.S. states by starving them of money – as part of the renegotiation … Continue reading

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Your Annual Reminder Republicans Weren’t Always Overrun By Batshitloonitarians

From the Young Republicans of 1956:

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How Else Did They Think This Would Play Out?

Sometimes, it’s really hard to be sympathetic (boldface mine): In the highly contentious battle to extinguish public worker rights, Iowa Republicans have attempted a divide-and-conquer approach to pit unions against each other. Their legislation splits public workers into two groups, … Continue reading

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The Pritzker Family Opens a New Clinton Subsidiary: A Study In Clientelism

We’ve mentioned before that you can’t understand Obama’s education policy without understanding that, in some areas, the Obama Administration is the political wing of the Pritzker family (who are a Chicago-based real estate and hotel-owning family). This has affected both … Continue reading

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