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Employers Haven’t Faced Strikes Like These in a Long Time

Recently, the NY Times published an article with the headline “Amid Strikes, One Question: Are Employers Miscalculating?” They did miscalculate, but the article missed a key reason why: strikes are much harder to break when the underlying workforce is unstable. … Continue reading

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It’s All About Housing Prices

Well, obviously, not everything. But Ned Resnikoff makes a good point about the context in which the entertainment industry strikes are occurring (boldface mine): Characteristically, I’d like to dedicate the rest of this post to discussing the last issue: the … Continue reading

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Centrists Misunderstand the Moment: The Sick Leave Edition

Between the Washington Post editorial board calling for sending federal workers back to the office so D.C. (not Wor-Shing-Tun) can have more tax revenue* and the Biden Administration choosing to side with capital over labor because railroad workers want seven … Continue reading

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“Vaxxed and Done”, “Vaxxed and Cautious”, but No Mention of Vaxxed and Sick?

Derek Thompson, in The Atlantic, with little data, argues that there are two types of vaccinated people. One is “vaxxed and done”: they’ve been vaccinated and are ‘returning to normal’ as a result. The other is “vaxxed and cautious”, who, … Continue reading

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Predisposed to a Pandemic: The Nursing Home Aide Edition

A while ago, some asshole with a blog noted that a sane COVID-19 response would have these four economic pillars: Rent and mortgage suspension, for businesses and residents. Temporary universal healthcare coverage, including for those who lost their jobs. Some … Continue reading

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VA Dem Gov. Northam Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: The ‘Right to Work’ Edition

Before we get to the hapless Virginia Governor and nominal Democrat Ralph Northam, we’ll begin with a very simple question: can you imagine a reality Republicans wouldn’t pass legislation giving them a two percent electoral turnout edge? Because that’s what … Continue reading

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Labor Day Thoughts

First, here’s your somewhat annual reminder that some Republicans used to be not-entirely-batshitloonitarian–admittedly, that was 63 years ago: Second, as Republicans have been wont to do on the last several Labor Days, whom do think the first Republican politician to … Continue reading

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What Happened In West Virginia?

While there was belated coverage in the national media of the successful West Virginia teachers strike, and there has been some commentary about it as well, it seems to have received relatively little coverage, despite its significance. Just to review … Continue reading

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What Does It Mean To Be A Democrat? The Robert Reich Edition

A while ago, I noted this about the Democratic Party: Being a Democrat isn’t like joining a union. In a union, there are formal benefits, such as group negotiation, union legal representation, and so on. There are often informal benefits, … Continue reading

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Why This Old Democrat Has Trust Issues With New Democrats

Outsourced to former Democratic Labor Secretary Robert Reich (boldface mine): The biggest thing that I regret not pushing harder on has to do with labor unions. Bill Clinton, as did Barack Obama, promised the unions that there would be labor … Continue reading

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