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Rightwing CNN Contributor Erick Erickson Engages in Exclusionism Even Before the Bodies Are Buried

Erick Erickson, CNN contributor and rightwing conservative, has definitely discovered what ails this nation.
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MLK in Memphis: “Now is the time to make an adequate income a reality for all of God’s children”

With ten percent unemployment, and nearly eighteen percent underemployment–and much of the political establishment unconcerned about this–Martin Luther King’s passion for economic justice sadly is still relevant. What is forgotten about Kings–often willfully–is that he was an advocate for racial and economic justice.
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Have No Doubt, the Theopolitical Right Can Be a Buzzkill for Any Circumstance

Combat veterans forced to applaud for megahater Rick Warren.
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Human Population Genetics for Creationist Idiots: The Rick Warren Edition

More cutting edge creationist ‘science.’
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Regarding Rick Warren, This Whom the Obama Administration is ‘Reaching Out to’

Decent people don’t ‘include’ haters; you don’t reach out to them. You shun them.
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The War on Christmas: Who Is Leading?

Conservative elites are following, not leading the charge.
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No Free Pass for Ideologies That Happen to Be Religious

If you want religion to remain sacrosanct, then don’t sully it with politics.
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