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Why Counterterrorism Should Not Be Left to Those Who Believe in the Easter Bunny

More fallout from Bushist apparatchik Monica Goodling.
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Appointees to Bush’s Office of Faith-Based Initiatives: Anti-Semitic and Corrupt

Who woulda thunk it?
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Did I Mention Something About Religion, Politics, and Exclusion?

I believe I did. And on cue, a bigot steps right up
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Amy Sullivan: A Religious Minority Who Won’t Admit She’s a Minority

Most religious minorities have not looked to government for validation of their religious beliefs. Why does evangelical Democrat Amy Sullivan do so?
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Evangelicals, Evolution, and Kristof

Kristof doesn’t get it about most evangelicals and evolution.
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Why Former Nazis Shouldn’t Be Popes

Welcome to the true face of theological conservatism.
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Poor Mitt: He Sacrifices Gay Children…

and conservatives still don’t like him.
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Abortion and the First Amendment

I happy to see that others are coming around to the idea that the abortion debate is ultimately about the establishment of religion.
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Romney’s Assisted Suicide Plan: The Gay Teen Suicide Edition

Certain political acts are beyond the pale, such as cutting a teen suicide hotline. Unless they’re gay, then it’s called positioning.
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What Is Obama Thinking?

Why on earth would he court virulent anti-gay bigots?
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