What Is Obama Thinking?

If memory serves me correctly, Senator Obama was counting on the ‘youth’ vote* as his secret weapon. That’s fine, but then why on earth would Obama court virulent anti-gay bigots, especially when younger voters of all political affiliations are the most likely to be tolerant of gays? This certainly won’t help him in the primaries. Unlike some political issues, gay bashing is easy to understand and remember. Is there something I’m missing, or is he just desperately trying to prove how piss poor a candidate he really is?

*I always thought eighteen meant adulthood. Presumably, we’re not registering fifteen year-olds to vote.

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4 Responses to What Is Obama Thinking?

  1. Thomas says:

    Don’t push political correctness too far. You can’t go around boycotting everyone who has ever said anything stupid on any subject. McClurkin is there to sing gospels, not talk about gay bashing (i hope).

  2. Coin says:

    What Is Obama Thinking?
    Seems obvious to me: Obama is too busy campaigning to think.
    The list of performers was probably put together by some campaign lackey, probably with the help of a focus-group firm or whoever you go to to find out who Gospel-music listeners identify with. The list was likely put together on the basis of practicality, and it is likely nobody was checking the people on the list carefully to ask questions like “is this person a right-wing maniac?”. And since I don’t think anyone in a relevant position on the Obama campaign reads any blogs– the campaign has shown itself tone-deaf or oblivious on several issues that created blog firestorms in the past, whereas some of the other campaigns have been very quick to respond to similar firestorms– they’re unlikely to notice this is a big deal even after everyone who reads Pandagon erupts.
    In short, the Obama campaign is screwing this up the same way they screwed up everything else this year: By just not paying any darn attention to anything that happens.
    Mike Lux had a relevant and somewhat interesting post this morning on openleft…

  3. Tom says:

    When will America wake up ????? Obama like Clinton is a Democrat ! This is what they do…1) Raise taxes on virtually everyone and choke industry with Govt. regulations and controls so they can finance more useless social programs, and 2) Cut back on military spending essentially weakening our country, again to pay for more useless social programs. Here’s a tip America….. When you are percieved as weak, that’s when your enemies attack you. This is why the Arabs and Alquida are watching this election so closely. Don’t believe me, read a history book for a change. And lastly, while you are all hating Bush, keep in mind that the man has kept us safe for the last seven yrs. Something that no one in the press seems to want to admit. Well, enjoy it while you can because when and if the Dems (either Obama or Clinton) get in office, two things will probably happen….We’ll probably have another terrible terrorist attack on our soil, and we’ll all get taxed till we drop ! Oh I forgot, the health care system as we know it will also go down the drain, and new gun control laws will run rampant !!!! Ask yourself, when has the U.S Govt. ever been able to run anything efficiently ? Want to know what Obama’s about ? Listen to him talk…… He talks about change but he never says what he’ll change. Well, read what I said above and you’ll find out exactly what he intends to change. After all, he’s a liberal Democrat……He has no choice !
    Bye !

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