Maha Speak (About Conservatism)-You Listen!

I think Maha just might have come up with the high-end talking point for 2008:

A generation of Americans have been born and grown into adulthood listening to rightie propaganda that taxes must always go down. “Starve the beast,” you know. The problem is that “the beast” conservatives are starving is our country.

Now, go read the whole post.

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2 Responses to Maha Speak (About Conservatism)-You Listen!

  1. Ex-drone says:

    The three pillars of the Right — fiscal conservatism, bellicosity and religion. That is, reduce tax income, splurge on war, and pray for God to cover the gap.

  2. Mark P says:

    ” those people waste money like there’s no tomorrow. ”
    This is true in a literal sense for many conservatives. Many fundamentalist christians believe that the end of the world is near, and therefore there is no need to conserve anything or save or otherwise act responsibly.

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