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Finally, the Crime Report We Need: The ‘Natural History’ of Homicide

Last week, the National Institute for Criminal Justice Reform released a report about violence in D.C. (boldface mine): It found that a relatively small group of people — likely as little as 200 people at any one point in time … Continue reading

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D.C.’s Crime Wave: Deadlier, But Not More Of It

Since D.C. is the nation’s capital, things that happen here have a disproportionate influence on the policy-making class (politicians, pundits, reporters, and policy wonks). While that’s an unfair burden for any city to bear, especially one that has limited control … Continue reading

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Calls for Violence–And Violence Itself–Are Predictable Outcomes

I’ll start with the mandatory disclaimer, albeit Mad Biologist style: if you think this post is an approval of political violence, you are a fucking moron. But refusing to discuss the origins of violence does not prevent violence from happening. … Continue reading

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Bombs, Bullets, and the Misperception of Agency

Digby (and others) have being raising an important point: as horrific as the Boston marathon bombings were, gun-related violence exacts far more deaths than the bombing did, yet we aren’t horrified by most gun murders. Put another way, the phrase … Continue reading

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