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Links 10/31/11

Links for you. Science: The Program Staff of the NIH decide what to fund, all else is advisory (and this is a good thing) One use of duct tape MacGyver didn’t know about Wolf packs don’t need to cooperate to … Continue reading

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‘Pox Parties’ and Bioterrorism

I’ve had with it anti-vaxxers–this story makes me want to get all Dominican/Dogs of God on their ass: Doctors and medical experts are concerned about a new trend taking place on Facebook. Parents are trading live viruses through the mail … Continue reading

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Links 10/30/11

Links for you. Science: Chivalry is not dead, at least among crickets The Wired Atlas of the Human Ecosystem Steve Jobs and the Limits of Sequencing Other: Fear, American Style: What the Anarchist and Libertarian Don’t Understand about the US … Continue reading

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When ‘Government’ Cuts Actually Cut the Private Sector

One of the conservative propaganda successes has been to convince many people that government spending employs people for the government. You know, the DMV clerk who makes your life hell, or some other functionary. But the reality is that the … Continue reading

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Links 10/29/11

Links for you. Science: An Open Letter to Rodent Behaviorists… (awesome) San Diego red tide eaten alive by single-celled predator (make sure you read the photo caption) Loving the Chambered Nautilus to Death In Science, Is It Our Responsibility To … Continue reading

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Even in 1719, We Knew California Was a Little Bit Apart

I visited the Boston Public Library’s shiny new Map Center, and saw this map by Henri Abraham Châtelain from 1719 which amused me: If that’s not clear, here’s a close up:

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Links 10/28/11

Links for you. Science: Sounds gross, works great: Fecal transplants cure nasty C. diff infections For Cave’s Art, An Uncertain Future (the cave painting microbiome?) Researchers Identify Mysterious Life Forms in the Extreme Deep Sea From sea to sushi bar, … Continue reading

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