Links 10/29/11

Links for you. Science:

An Open Letter to Rodent Behaviorists… (awesome)
San Diego red tide eaten alive by single-celled predator (make sure you read the photo caption)
Loving the Chambered Nautilus to Death
In Science, Is It Our Responsibility To “Reach Out?”


The Architect Has No Clothes
Why Not Occupy Newsrooms?
Lack of jobs leaves more suburban, middle class sliding into poverty
Throw Them Out With the Trash
What If Rubio’s Parents Really WERE Fleeing A Brutal Dictator In Cuba? (Batista wasn’t exactly peachy)
Occupy BloNo – the local Occupy Wall Street group
Outside Cleveland, Snapshots of Poverty’s Surge in the Suburbs
Say Anything
The iPod’s Inventor Strikes Out On His Own, And Invents…A Thermostat?!
One Poverty Roll Please, Hold the Mayo!
Bicyclist oozes beer, not blood, after crash in Madison (I had no idea that drunk bicycling was a problem; failure of imagination on my part…)

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  1. physicalist says:

    I had no idea that drunk bicycling was a problem

    My cousin had to have major reconstructive surgery on his face after smashing into a light pole when drunk on a bike. Almost a whole new face.

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