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No Doubt Curriculum and Training Problems Can Be Fixed With Union Busting and Value-Added Testing

This will help science education (boldface mine): But despite such broad acceptance that the nation’s economy needs more professionals in the hard sciences, a new report reveals that elementary schools in the nation’s most populated state are barely teaching the … Continue reading

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Links 10/27/11

Links for you. Science: Declining numbers of blacks seen in math, science Ancient America: Angel Mounds Huffington Post: Irresponsible mouthpiece for the World of Woo Oecophylla longinoda Other: Why we should all trim our antlers Of the 1%, by the … Continue reading

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Genomics, Illumina, and the Cost of ‘Fiscal Responsibility’

Or for those of you outside of the U.S., you know it as austerity. As I’ve written many times on this blog, lots of things can be limiting: resources, infrastructure, personnel. But when you have a fiat currency (as the … Continue reading

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Links 10/26/11

Links for you. Science: Trouble in the algae lab for Craig Venter and Exxon Nature Adds Water, and Everything Mushrooms Guest Post: Love the Tyrant, Not the Hype The Fading of Fall: Why the bright red leaves of New England … Continue reading

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This Is Not Helping the Future of Science

Because Science with a capital S doesn’t happen without individual scientists: Text: I want to be a successful scientist, but if I can’t afford the required education I’ll have to settle for less. I’m having a very hard time finding … Continue reading

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How Much Should Money Cost? And Who’s Making the Profit?

As we move towards electronic financial transactions–which also means the de facto privatization of money–we increasingly run the risk of rent extraction. That is, we will be charged exorbitant fees for using our own money. Actually, it doesn’t seem like … Continue reading

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Links 10/25/11

Links for you. Science: ‘Huge’ shark massacre reported in Colombia No pollen grains were harmed in the writing of this dissertation. Scathing Report: Polio Eradication “Not… Any Time Soon” Other: Why Are You Hitting Yourself? An intro to System Justification … Continue reading

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