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When Certain Religions Are No Longer Primus Inter Pares

The nomination of conservative judge Amy Coney Barrett, who is Catholic, has, once again, moved religious conflict into the political arena (let’s be clear, this is, in part, a cynical move by a very cynical administration to peel off Catholic … Continue reading

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Stop Talking About ‘Love’ And ‘Hate.’ Bigotries Are Ideologies

While I’m gladdened by the outpouring of support after another synagogue shooting, I’m getting tired of framing this as a battle between ‘love’ and ‘hate.’ Bigotries, whether they be anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic, or racist, are not just psychological dysfunctions, nor are … Continue reading

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Republican Senator Chuck Grassley Uses Anti-Semitism

There’s a lot to say about the Kavanaugh disaster, and I might have more to say later (hopefully, it won’t be too derivative–there are professionals who are paid to be Johnny on the spot for these kinds of events). But … Continue reading

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The Most Harmful–For Stephen Miller–Thing About That Politico Piece

If you haven’t read it yet, elite racist and White House official Stephen Miller’s uncle takes Miller to task over his disgusting views on immigrants. It’s powerful and well-written, but, arguably, the most damaging thing to Miller is that it … Continue reading

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Republicans Still Have A Jewish Problem

I might have mentioned my despair over the Republican Jewish outreach program a few times. Today’s installment is from former Republican Congressman and former Lord High Marshall of the District of Columbia, Jason Chaffetz (boldface mine): We need more good … Continue reading

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Not A Good Day For A Jewish Charlottesville Congregation

Leaving aside what motivates the median Trump supporter, one of the key motivations, if not the key motivation, of Neo-Nazis specifically is anti-Semitism. Which makes this report all the more disturbing (boldface mine): On Saturday morning, I stood outside our … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts On Charlottesville

In no particular order: Nazis murdered someone. That needs to be stated clearly. The President of the United States was unwilling to condemn white Christian supremacy or Nazis. Nazis. This shouldn’t be surprising, however, as Il Trumpe’s father was arrested … Continue reading

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A Minor Point About ‘Big-C’ Conservative Jews

I raise this only because I suspect this mistake will be made over and over again. From a very good article about Jewish-Muslim cooperation: Trump’s executive order prompted almost universal condemnation from the leading American Jewish organizations, which often squabble … Continue reading

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Trump White House Doubles Down On Anti-Semitism

Yesterday, I noted that the Trump White House Holocaust Memorial Day Proclamation completely omitted any mention of Jews or anti-Semitism. Well, Il Trumpe et alia doubled down on historical revisionism (boldface mine): The White House statement on International Holocaust Remembrance … Continue reading

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Trump’s Holocaust Memorial Day Proclamation Forgets Jews And Anti-Semitism

Yep, Il Trumpe issued a Holocaust Memorial Day proclamation that didn’t mention Jews or anti-Semitism at all. But Very Serious People told me Trump advisor and elite racist Steve Bannon isn’t an anti-Semite. Nope, not all.

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