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The Shampoo Of Justice

Because I needed something bizarre to cheer me up: Vidal Sassoon, who threw down with British fascists in a series of bloody street fights. Yes, that Vidal Sassoon. Only one year after World War II ended in Europe, a group … Continue reading

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(((It’s Not Just Trump)))

In light of the whole ((())) anti-Semitism thing, it’s worth another reminder that the Republican party’s Jewish problem precedes Il Trumpe. Not only did former Republican House Majority Leader Eric Kantor essentially admit as much, but just peruse this list … Continue reading

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Renegade Jew

Yesterday, the right wing political site ran an article about Bill Kristol, a conservative (a pretty kooky one at that) who is trying to organize an anti-Trump third party candidacy. Here’s the title and picture: Not renegade conservative, but … Continue reading

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A Failure to Communicate Or Lost In Translation?

As someone who can read and speak Hebrew, I’ve always found certain translations of the (Hebrew) Bible to be odd. Leaving aside versions that aren’t really in modern English such as the King James Bible, there’s usually something lost. Not … Continue reading

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Not Good For the Republican Jewish Outreach Program

Local politics is usually the best place to see the Republican id on full display (boldface mine): The bigotry is back. Five years ago, outside activists opposing Texas House Speaker Joe Straus, R-San Antonio, called for a “Christian conservative” to … Continue reading

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Trump’s Highly Successful Jewish Outreach Program

Well, after insulting nearly everyone else, it was the Jews’ turn (boldface mine): On Thursday, Republican front-runner Donald Trump delivered a speech before the Republican Jewish Coalition in which he essentially praised members of the organization for being a bunch … Continue reading

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An Abomination Unto the Lord: The Pastrami Edition

We are damned apikorism (boldface mine): It is possible to wander into Harry & Ida’s Meat and Supply Co., a delicatessen and provisions shop that opened in June in the East Village, with expectations of nothing more than a good … Continue reading

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