Duke Zeibert’s

No place left in D.C. where you can get a good matzah ball soup and prime rib, sadly. Observed at the D.C. Historical Society:


Look at the prices:



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3 Responses to Duke Zeibert’s

  1. Bob Michaelson says:

    As you know, people are better off not eating red meat. And the fewer people eat red meat, the better it is for the planet.

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  3. Bern says:

    We live in the Kennedy-Warren building on Conn Av. Posh. Used to have a full-service restaurant for tenants and guests, with 25 cent breakfasts…Anyway, the space (and the nightclub one floor down)is empty but begs for re-use. And the catacomb-like abandoned utility rooms, offices and the like – really fun exploring!

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