Links 11/12/23

Links for you. Science:

Association of COVID-19 with respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infections in children aged 0–5 years in the USA in 2022: a multicentre retrospective cohort study (this seems valid, and it is important)
Global burden of new-onset hypertension associated with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 infection
Multiple haystacks are better than one (paper here)
As student and postdoc unions proliferate, academia is scrambling to adapt: “I think the size of the average lab will have to decrease,” one administrator says
NCBI Pathogen Detection Plays Key Role in Identification of a Novel Shiga Toxin Subtype
Microplastic-eating plankton may be worsening crisis in oceans, say scientists


U.S. government once again begins preparing for possible shutdown
The Anti-Workforce (“The return-to-office fight makes sense if you view it through the lens of powerful people that don’t want to do any work.”)
How lawmakers in Texas and Florida undermine Covid vaccination efforts. State legislatures and politicians are pressuring public health officials to keep quiet about Covid vaccines. (forgot the word Republican. Republican lawmakers)
Amid war and urgent need to ID bodies, evidence of Hamas’s October 7 rapes slips away
In the Aftermath of the Hamas Attack: Portraits of Survivors
The new Twitter is changing rapidly — study it before it’s too late
The Women Who Leave Anti-Abortion Picket Lines to Get Abortions
The false premise at the heart of Sean Hannity’s GOP abortion strategy
Israel’s Hidden Victims, Arab Bedouins, Were Attacked by Hamas Too. At least 17 died in the Hamas attacks, and many more in the impoverished community have since lost their livelihoods in Jewish farms that were ransacked.
Silicon Valley is the Church of Moore’s Law
FBI Director Chris Wray Voices Concern Over HQ Selection Process
AOC Challenger Helped Lead Encrypted Chat Group Filled With Proud Boys And Racial Slurs
Voters, like investors, have had it with GOP extremism
Did Ivanka Trump Just Low-Key Throw Her Dad Under The Bus?
Think You’re Messaging an OnlyFans Star? You’re Talking to These Guys
Biden Poll Jitters & a ’24 Pre-Mortem
Showing how well he thinks on his feet, Biden slyly mocks the media, Trump
Adam Neumann Is So Good at This: Probabilistic billionaires, non-recourse loans, Warren Buffett’s personal account, IPO allocations and Skynet vs. onions.
How would Israel find, map, take and keep Gaza’s tunnels? To enter Hamas tunnels, Israel will have to resort to military practices decades old and long forgotten. (the question is to what extent the tunnels actually exist and serve as bases as opposed to transport)
Dystopian Wawa Has Come for Us All
Advertisers Don’t Want Sites Like Jezebel to Exist
Inside the Menendez Indictment: A Mercedes and a Secretive Fatal Crash
The Case for Amplifying Trump’s Insanity: The “Banality of Crazy” has warped American politics, as few voters recognize just how deranged, delusional, and dangerous Donald Trump is…because the press rarely reports on his routine insanity.
No, Decriminalization Doesn’t Lead To More Overdose Deaths! A recent study determined that drug decriminalization did not cause a rise in fatal overdoses in Oregon and Washington.
I Saw The Tesla Cybertruck Up Close. It Still Looks Horrible
It’s Official: Mike Johnson Is Even Less Competent Than Kevin McCarthy Was

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