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Vote Yes on MA Proposition 1 Because…

the Mad Biologist needs more fine prime rib. Please, won’t you help?
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Chuck Hagel on Know-Nothingism

I’m glad to see a conservative Republican recognize the importance of not being a fucking moron.
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Why VRE Is a Problem

An epidemic strain of VMRSA only has to get lucky once…
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What California’s Proposition 8 Really Means

I suppose this puts me in league with known domestic homosexualists.
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Electronic Voting Machines Work Fine As Long As You Don’t Want to Vote for Obama

Note to election officials–a good way to restore faith in the validity of election results is to have the demonstration machine function properly.
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Thank the Intelligent Designer I Voted for Chang-Diaz, or Else…

A while ago, I endorsed Sonia Chang-Diaz over Dianne Wilkerson for MA State Senate because I thought Wilkerson had some ethics problems. I didn’t know the half of it.
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A Question for Geologists About Mineralogy Museum Exhibits

Is there more than “OOH! SHINY PEBBLE!”
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About That Limiting NIH Applications Post…

Given that we’ve now had several generations of scientists trained under the R01 system, it’s scary to move slightly away from it. But I’m not convinced that R01s are the highpoint of the system.
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An Interesting Revision of the Peer Review Process

A gradual peer review process?
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Palin Refuses to Call Bombers of Women’s Health Clinics Terrorists

And the Coalition of the Sane are the ones who aren’t ‘real’ Americans and are ‘weak on terrorism’?
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