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About That Fruit Fly Research…

This isn’t Palin, this is mainline Republican operatives doing this. This pig-headed, willful stupidity is institutional, not individual.
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A Tale of Two Polls

Just how bad are Bush’s approval ratings?
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Quote of the Day: Brad DeLong on Joe Klein’s Removal from the McCain Campaign Press Pool

Getting thrown off the campaign plane (while it’s parked) is a good thing.
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How a Lack of Regulation Led to the Collapse of AIG and Possible Bank Nationalization

With complex financial instruments, if there’s no regulation, nobody knows if someone is facing incredible risk.
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Bachmann Ditched by RNCC

The NRCC cuts Michelle Bachmann loose.
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The Ghosts of Tulsa and Rosewood and the Potential for Post-Election Violence

For all of the trauma associated with the 1960s riots, we seem to have forgotten that most race riots in the U.S. have been instigated by whites against non-whites.
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McClatchy Bureau Chief Attacks Compulsive Centrist Disorder

“Does the truth lie halfway between say, slavery and abolition, or between segregation and civil rights, or between communism and democracy?”
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DCCC Lowers the Boom on Bachmann

Bachmann certainly deserves this for her McCarthyite tactics.
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One Way to Limit the Number of NIH Grant Revisions: More Scientific Leadership from NIH

Because funding is a free-for-all, the system is rewarding grantsmanship at the expense of novelty, with the added bonus of overworking the reviewers.
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First, Sociopaths Kill Animals, Then…

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