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About That Limiting NIH Applications Post…

Given that we’ve now had several generations of scientists trained under the R01 system, it’s scary to move slightly away from it. But I’m not convinced that R01s are the highpoint of the system.
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An Interesting Revision of the Peer Review Process

A gradual peer review process?
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Palin Refuses to Call Bombers of Women’s Health Clinics Terrorists

And the Coalition of the Sane are the ones who aren’t ‘real’ Americans and are ‘weak on terrorism’?
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About That Fruit Fly Research…

This isn’t Palin, this is mainline Republican operatives doing this. This pig-headed, willful stupidity is institutional, not individual.
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A Tale of Two Polls

Just how bad are Bush’s approval ratings?
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Quote of the Day: Brad DeLong on Joe Klein’s Removal from the McCain Campaign Press Pool

Getting thrown off the campaign plane (while it’s parked) is a good thing.
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How a Lack of Regulation Led to the Collapse of AIG and Possible Bank Nationalization

With complex financial instruments, if there’s no regulation, nobody knows if someone is facing incredible risk.
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