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A Question for the McCain PR Flack About ‘Real’ Virginians

Are black Virginians ‘real’ Virginians?
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The Rage of the Obama Haters Will Get Out of Control

I worry that if Obama wins, Obama supporters are going to be hurt or killed.
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Hilzoy’s Response to Wilson’s On Biology and Morality

What if “we can hold both that morality is a human contrivance and that biology is not relevant to answering moral questions”?
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New Addition to the Blogroll

Say hello to Princess Sparkle Pony. Because commentary like this is priceless:

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Bachmann, Creationism, and Why the Lefty Blogosphere Matters

Helping fight creationist and all around slimeball Michellle Bachmann.
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George Bellows Exhibit at the Boston Public Library

Classic American Prints.
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Why People Should Not Buy Their Dogs Gourmet Dog Food

The toilet bowl rebuttal.
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More AIG Follies

The arrogance of AIG’s executives, even after a bailout, can only be called by its true name–corruption.
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The GOP Needs New Followers, Not Leaders

Someone tell me how exactly we’re supposed to reach these ‘values’ voters? Because abortion isn’t the issue; race is.
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Oldest Bug EVAH! Discovered

A 310 million year old mayfly.
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