New Addition to the Blogroll

Say hello to Princess Sparkle Pony. Because commentary like this is priceless:

See, you let Sarah [Palin] outside her bubble, and you just can’t control what happens! Tsk. Meanwhile, within her carefully crafted Avon crystal sphere, Sarah’s whipping up the crowd with abortion, abortion, abortion, since the McCain campaign has pretty much been shamed out of using anything else. It’s only a matter of time before she starts smearing Obama for associating with known domestic homosexuals. I look forward to seeing pictures of hockey moms carrying signs emblazoned with lipstick-wearing pit bull fetuses. Cute!

I’m still laughing about “known domestic homosexuals.”
Extra bonus Princess:

What I keep getting from these rallies is We are the stupid and we’re better than you. God, it’s all so galling. “She’s reg’lar folk.” WhatEVER. I mean, I grew up in Tucson, Arizona, and I’m not proud to be ignorant because I’m not ignorant. I worked really hard, studied hard, had shit jobs for over a decade… and that makes me… what? An East Coast Liberal Elitist? I’m middle class, just like they are. Sarah Palin says these are the “real Americans.” All the rest of us are, what, holograms? Not Americans? Get an education and talk in complete sentences with words longer than two syllables and you’re un-American? Move to the city and you’re un-American?* Fuck these morons! Fuck them with their lipstick and their pit bulls and their idiotic slogans scrawled with elementary school tempera paint on Walmart poster board. Fuck Joe the fake plumber. And a hearty fuck you to Sarah motherfucking Palin, fake middle class Jezebel whore coopted by Bill Kristol and his cynical “she’s our new project” evil neocon think tank.

I’m so glad these people are losing.

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3 Responses to New Addition to the Blogroll

  1. So nice!
    And, to be totally honest, I’ve read and enjoyed your blog before, because I’m pretty passionate about defending good science education and, you know, bashing idiot creationists. Keep up the good work!

  2. jon says:

    Definitely adding your blog to my daily reading PSP. Great stuff!

  3. markie says:

    the absolute condi connection.

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