Bachmann, Creationism, and Why the Lefty Blogosphere Matters

Minnesota’s Republican congressional representative, Michelle Bachmann, isn’t exactly popular around ScienceBlogs for many reasons, including her creationist beliefs (sadly, that might be the least awful thing about her). Over at AmericaBlog, Joe Subday writes:

Yesterday, I posted a video of Rep. Michelle Bachmann’s insane rant on MSNBC. It was one of the most bizarre and disturbing performances I’ve seen this year. When I linked to the ActBlue page of her opponent, Elwyn Tinklenberg, his total raised was under $4,000. But, across the progressive blogosphere, there was a visceral reaction to Bachmann. This morning, Tinklenberg’s ActBlue page has raised over $100,000.

While the rightwing bloggers are good at scalp hunting, as far as I can tell, that’s all they’re good at, whereas the lefty blogosphere can actually make a candidate viable. Not to engage in blog triumphalism, but $100,000 in 24 hours isn’t too bad.
If you want to help Tinklenberg defeat Bachmann, go here. And here’s the video of Bachmann:

Because we need another four years of Republicans calling those who differ with them on policy, and who have been proven right, traitors.
Or not.

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2 Responses to Bachmann, Creationism, and Why the Lefty Blogosphere Matters

  1. Chris says:

    Her opponent actualy anounced that he raised 488,000 in the 24 hour period after her disgusting comments. I’m sure it is even higher now.

  2. dlinguist says:

    Actually.. the sum raised in the 24 hours after the Bachmann episode aired was over $488,000. Check out Tinklenberg campaign’s daily kos page for the announcement and more:
    Aside from the actblue page, which at the 24 hr mark was around 200,000 – many more people contributed directly to his site and via other channels. Enjoy. Netroots Power – Long live e-Democracy

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